working from home with child

Working from Home? How to Improve Productivity with Children Around?

Working from home is great. You can sit in your pajamas on the couch the whole day, drink tea and listen to relaxing music. That’s working from home if you don’t have children. And if you do, this isn’t what working from home looks like at all.

Children are very demanding no matter what their age is. You need to make lunch for them, take them to and from school, maybe help them do their homework. And kids are very distracting so if you are working from home, you might bump into certain issues like being unproductive because of your children and their needs.

Luckily, there are ways you can improve productivity and make your children less of a distraction.

Working from Home When You Are Alone is Key

It’s important to do as much as you can when you are alone. So when your children are at school or kindergarten, it’s your time to shine. Don’t use this precious free time to relax, especially if you are just starting a new job. This is when you absolutely have to be the most productive. Your alone time is the time when you should eliminate all distractions.

This means leaving your phone, turning off your show and getting down to work. Because once you have your child around, you won’t be able to do too much. Children love attention, and when you are not giving them just that, they want it even more. And some children make a mess when they want attention, some cry. Every child is different and you as a parent certainly know how your kid would react if you don’t give them the attention that they need.

Eliminate all Distractions when you are alone in Home.

Ask for Help When Working from Home

Asking for help is never a bad idea. So if you noticed that you can’t work properly, ask some of your friends and family if they could help you. And if they can’t, try to hire someone as assistance for your child as you would hire assistance when moving in Florida.

Hiring a nanny could be very helpful for you if you are someone who is working from home. The nanny could help keep the child away from you by entertaining it and playing with it. Or if your child is bigger, the nanny could pick it up from school, prepare lunch, etc.

Think and Work Ahead

Working from home means you have to be very organized. To stay organized you have to both think and work ahead of the time. This means you want to start everything early. Waking up late is not possible even when working from home. The later you wake up, the worse it will affect you and your job.

Waking up late means you have less time in a day which means you have to work fast. And depending on the job that you are doing, working fast sometimes isn’t the best idea. Just like you would take months to prepare for a move with, you should take your time when working. 

If you aren’t able to hire anyone to help you, our tip is to do everything in advance. Cook lunch and dinner the day before, decide what your child will wear tomorrow to school the night before, check all the homework in the evening, make your child pack its own school bag before bed. 

Forget Waking up late and rolling around in your bed for hours.

Have your Own “at home office”

If you have an empty room you don’t know what to do with, turning it into an office is a great idea. Having your own office at home will separate you from being at home. You will form a habit of working in that room. But not everyone has a spare room just laying around waiting to become an office.

What you can do is find where you feel most comfortable and only use that spot for working. The dining table is a great spot for your home office. You can sit, you can stay focused, you have a lot of room to put what you need on the table. If you feel like it, work on the floor but it’s important that you have a nice working environment.

Having a nice working environment means you will work better and definitely grow your income as a freelancer working from home.

Stay Focused

When you are working try to only be working. This means you only do one thing at a time. Don’t work when looking for movers that you can trust in Florida, don’t work while looking at recipes online. Just do your work and leave everything else for later. Yes, for later when you are done with work.

Don’t do these things before you start working as you will be distracted by them and you will just procrastinate your work. Remember to close any tabs that aren’t related to your work. Having unnecessary tabs open means you might get distracted. A good way to stay focused is to play classical music in the background. Staying focused is the key to getting any job done well.

Leave everything for when you finish your work.


When you are working from home, you want to have a nice working environment that will keep you productive and focused. Close unnecessary tabs that you have open, shut down your TV and play some classical music in the background in order to stay as focused as possible. Keep your children away from your working environment by hiring a nanny or asking someone from your family to help you.

When you are working from home, it’s important to think and work ahead and if you do so, you won’t have any issues