Treks To Get You Into The Trekking Mood!

Unleash your Adventure Craving Soul!

‘Events High’ and ‘Plan the Unplanned’ are popular pages to check out when planning a trekking expedition or a hike.

They offer you various opportunities, from going on adventure trips to new making friends. They collect a certain number of people and organize trips which range from overnight journeys to places nearby or a little further to foreign lands.

Instantly, taking you away from the chaos of city life and bringing you back rejuvenated to live that life. Not only this, they find out the most unexplored of nature’s hideouts and take the road less taken.
Thereby, carving a path of excitement and fun, they move further without a dull moment.

Kodaikanal Trek

 A lesser known fact about Kodaikanal lies in its name, which literally translates to ‘Gift of the forests’. The trek comprises of a way to the Kodaikanal waterfall through a dense forest, which is itself an exciting experience. Additionally, the beautiful waterfall is just a cherry on the cake. Elephant Valley falls are famous in Kodaikanal for their splendor and peacefulness.

Those on a lookout for a weekend retreat must explore this breathtaking trek to Elephant Corridor, which further leads to the Elephant Valley Falls. The trekking would be of a distance of 14km to and fro, which would roughly take about 3 to 4 hours. Kodaikanal is also referred to as the ‘Princess of Hill Stations’ at an altitude of 6997 ft. above all, it is a place which should not be left unexplored!


Trekking expedition to Kodaikanal

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Kumara Parvath aka Trekker’s Paradise

The peak of this Parvath is at a height of 1712m thereby giving a panoptic view of the beautiful lights of the neighboring towns. In other words, this trek is the best way to beat the summer heat, for the weekend. Trekkers praise the breathtaking moving clouds which can be spotted from the peak.

Famously known as the Pushpagiri Trek, it is said to be one of the most tedious treks located in the Karnataka Western Ghats. The trek is about 12km and roughly takes about 2-3 hours. The challenging trails which have a moderate difficulty level, lie in Coorg and take the trekkers to the summit of Karnataka’s second highest peak. Only the bravest take it upwards till there.

Trekking Expedition to Kumara Parvath

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Roopkund Trek- The Mysterious Lake

Roopkund is a famous glacial lake which is known to have human skeletons lying around it. One of the most revered treks of Uttrakhand, it promises snippets of mystery for thrill seekers along the way. The Roopkund Alpine lake is roughly situated at a height of 16499ft. above sea level.

Various groups form online and offline to go on this trek and cover a distance of 54km. It typically takes 6-8 days to complete this trek which is one the most popular one amongst trekkers. Here is a documentary which can be used as your travel guide throughout the course of six days-



Trekking Expedition to Roopkund Trek



Trek To Jog Falls

            They say it is not the destination that matters, but the journey itself. But, this trek to Jog Falls, is worth the hassle anytime when particularly visited in the monsoon season. Paved across a path of deep forests, it resembles no other than the Jurassic Park itself. At average speed, almost eight hours of trekking would land you up in front of the beautiful site of Jog Falls. They are unbelievably majestic, with the drops sprinkling on everyone standing in its vicinity.

It is also advisable to take anti-leech medicine for a safe-unbitten return from the trek, as can be understood from the story mentioned on Bangalore’s Trekking Club page




 Jog Falls

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Trek To Narasimha Parvatha

Narasimha Parvatha trek is inside the Kudremukha National park in Agumbe, in the district of Shimoga. Being the highest peak of the Agumbe Ghats is situated at a height of 1150m, with a total trek time being 7-8 hours. Also known as the land of snakes, this is a famous trek site for the trek lovers craving bliss in solitude. The trekking trail also leads to a beautiful sunset, which is a part of the entire experience.

Prevailing since a long time, this trek guarantees the most enthralling view of the Agumbe Ghats from atop. A must visit, for an un-forgetful experience.

 Narasimha Parvatha

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Kolukkumalai Trek

      Be above the clouds and the rest will follow as you befriend the hills on the Kolukkumalai trek. The trip goes uphill across beautiful tea plantations and rejuvenates the people. This place is also the highest organic tea estate in the world, so you one can bid farewell to all the lethargy with one cup of freshness. The time taken to trek to its highest peak would be roughly 8-9 hours. The tea estate trek will give you an opportunity to experience an adventure like never before.

Trekking Expedition to Kolukkumalai Trek

Source: @treksunlimited


For those of you who have not given trekking a try yet, this is where you can start. Above all, the pain, the fear, the hunger, and the thirst become totally worth it as you reach the peak and embrace the beauty around you.

One can never get enough of nature’s bountiful existence, and this is just the beginning. In other words, these enable you to make memories and live experiences which nobody can ever take away from you. For those you are experienced trekkers, groups and clubs organize trekking expeditions almost every weekend, like the Bangalore Trekking Club, which welcomes everyone. Therefore, being a part of something like this adds to the thrill and just makes the experience, the moment worth living!