The streets of NYC to illustrate the New York City guide for expats

The New York City guide for expats

Ah, New York. One of the most magnificent cities in today’s world. It is today’s equivalent of ancient megalopolises like Venice, Rome, and Constantinople. And all of them packed in one city. It is one of the largest world centers for many human activities like culture, trade, business. Also, like any other megalopolis in the world’s history, it is quite diverse. Many cultures from all around the world have their place in New York. This is why moving to NYC is smart. You are in the middle of today’s world. New York City is also the largest city on the east coast of the US. All of this means that New York can be very confusing for people who have just moved to NYC.  This is why we are presenting you New York City guide for expats.

Boroughs of New York City

There are many benefits of living in one of the most important cities in the world. You will have many opportunities for your professional and not so professional life. Richest borough in New York City is undoubtedly Manhattan. It is the densest borough of New York with over one and the half-million residents. And people often refer to it as the City. That means that becoming the resident of Manhattan is one of the smartest choices you can make in your life. Especially in your professional life. Manhattan is one of the centers of the world’s trade, and this is exactly why people are flocking to the City.

Manhattan in black and white.

Manhattan is the most famous part of NYC, no New York City guide for expats can leave it out.

Also, you can move to any other part of New York. New York has five boroughs (one of which is Manhattan). The other four boroughs are Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. Living and residing in any one of them is a great advantage. You will have many things to do, and many opportunities may unfold for you. This is why you need to become a resident of New York, of course, if you want to become a resident of NYC.

Hire a moving company – important step of New York City guide for expats

Truck and lorry as one.

You probably don’t have the right transportation.

If you are not satisfied with where you’re living, or if you want to live somewhere else in New York then you should hire a moving company. And yes, many people may tell you that moving on your own is less expensive. While that might be true if you are moving just a few blocks away from your home, and if you don’t have heavy and bulky things with you, that is pretty spot on. But for moving on larger distances moving on your own can easily be more expensive and certainly less efficient than moving with the help of a professional moving company.

Be careful

First of all, while you’re moving on your own, you may hurt yourself. You probably have many things in your possession that are fragile, heavy and bulky. And you should protect yourself from those kinds of injuries. For example, if you’re trying to move your wall mirror, you know that this thing is heavy, bulky and fragile. Those three characteristics of a wall mirror can easily hurt you and your wall mirror will break in the process of moving. That gets us to our next point.

You can easily break something while you are trying to move it on your own. Yes, the wall mirror is an extreme case. Take a closet, for example. This thing requires at least two people to handle it. You’ll have to call someone to help you, and that means that both you and your helper can break this thing. And both wall mirrors and closets are more expensive than moving company. And your helper and you can get hurt in the process of moving. Medical costs are notoriously big, and they certainly are larger than the cost of hiring a professional moving company. And it takes time to move!

To avoid danger, pack your things first

Boxes on the shelf are perfect for moving.

Packing is the most important step of moving, other than moving itself.

Packing is the most crucial process of moving. If you want something to be safe while it is in the process of relocation, you need to make sure that your stuff is packed well. You need to find the right materials for your stuff, like boxes, plastic wraps, tapes, and protective materials. Finding the right materials when packing is easy. All you need to do is to go to your local supermarket and find those materials. Usually, they are not expensive. And yes, there are some moving companies that can pack your things for you.

Renting or buying a home?

If you can handle the costs of buying a new home in New York, go for it. New York’s economy is stable and it is growing at a steady pace. The value of your New York home will not drop. But if you still don’t have the resources to buy a new home in New York, there is an option of renting an apartment or house. Know that much of the rental property in New York City is controlled by real estate brokers. If you are working with a broker, you need to understand the costs of renting. Usually, the broker’s fee fifteen percent of the first year’s rent, and that can be quite the hit to your banking account. And there are brokers who don’t charge a fee since they are compensated by a landlord. And yes, moving to a new neighborhood requires adaptation.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. More specifically, don’t trust the photos of apartments and houses you see on the internet. They can be quite deceptive. This is why you need to go to the apartment you’re trying to rent. And don’t be shy, ask questions about everything. That way, if you found a flaw, you can even lower the price of rent. We hope you find this New York City guide for expats useful.