The most romantic neighborhoods in LA

Moving in as a young couple for the first time must be something special. You need to find a place that completely suits your lifestyle and energy, so you can enjoy it even more. LA offers something for everybody – whether you’re in love and want to have a place to settle down, or you’re looking for your special person and need a romantic city to find it. Here’s a guide on moving to LA – a romantic way. Check out the most romantic neighborhoods in LA and choose a place to start an amazing new life chapter.


If you can’t move to Italy – Venice in LA is the perfect option. It’s one of the most popular places in the city in general, but why couples love it so much? Well, the beach atmosphere is everywhere. You can enjoy the amazing sunset with your darling from the beach or from your own balcony. Also, taking a stroll around the neighborhood and having a romantic dinner in one of the many eateries seems like a perfect date. And if you’re looking for a romantic place to meet someone new – Venice is the way to go. Surfers, beach babes, young techs – everybody is here. The variety of people you can meet here is something that attracts everybody.

LA by night.

Check the most romantic neighborhoods in LA and pick something for you and your love.

Silver Lake

If you’re a couple that likes to go out, check out Silver Lake. This hippie neighborhood of LA is very popular among young people, and definitely one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA. There are a lot of date options – bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and amazing places to have a perfect cup of coffee. So, to be able to have a perfect first date without traveling far, check out some homes in Silver Lake.

Santa Monica

What’s more romantic than Santa Monica? This place is filled with charming restaurants, shops, cafes – and everything with an amazing view. From luxury to more affordable date options, Santa Monica offers an amazing romantic scene overlooking the ocean.

A sunset in Santa Monica which is one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA.

Is there something more romantic than a colorful sunset on the beach?

Hollywood is certainly one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA

Hollywood is one of those neighborhoods that are popular with everybody – younger, older, tourists, locals. Let’s see why it’s one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA and what the most iconic spots here to explore with your loved one are:

  • Griffith Observatory – if you’re into amazing sunsets, this is an amazing place to have the first kiss, for example. Aside from watching the sun sets, you can also watch the 3D show and have some fun.
  • La Poubelle– a place of French romance with candles. What’s more romantic than that? This lovely bistro is perfect for your intimate celebrations with a glass of champagne.
  • Griffith Park & The Trails – for a more outdoorsy date, visit The Trails and the park. This place is amazing, especially if you want to walk your pets along the stream, surrounded by birds and frogs.
Hollywood sign on the hill.

Hollywood is more than just a famous sign – it’s one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA!

Moving to Los Angeles

Is there a romantic way to move to Los Angeles? Well, moving in as a couple for the first time can be really romantic and exciting. But you should try to move house the simplest possible way, so you can have time and energy to enjoy the romance. Here are some tips on how to make the move easier and faster.

Communicate and plan together

If you’re moving in together with your partner for the first time, you should do everything to understand each other. Make sure you talk about the moving details and plan together. This will help you avoid misunderstandings and problems if you both don’t know what to expect from each other during the moving process. Make plans in advance and assign the tasks, so you are sure everything goes well.

Hire pros to help you out

Moving can be stressful since there are a lot of tasks to do, while you need to take care of the work and daily chores at the same time. To avoid feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, hire the right kind of help – moving professionals like Good Neighbors Moving Company LA. They will help you move to one of the most romantic parts of LA and save you a ton of time and energy.

Decide on what items you’ll bring to the new apartment

In case you’re moving to one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA with your partner, it’s good to talk about what items each of you will bring. This way you’ll avoid having two same items and make your new space even smaller. Either way, decluttering your old home is a good thing to do before you start packing. Save the items you really need and get rid of everything that’s only eating up space in your home. This includes all the expired products, broken items, old clothes, etc. also, if you’re moving from a colder place, think of ditching your winter clothes, since you won’t be needing them here. If you still have too many items in your mutual apartment, think of getting a storage space.

Create a budget

Finances are an important part of moving in together, yet it’s often a difficult topic. It’s good to talk about it before you move, and create a budget for the move and other living expenses after it. Decide on some important items of your budget, to avoid problems in the future.

Moving to LA is an amazing decision

… and you should be excited about it! It is a perfect romantic city in California, and you’ll enjoy it a lot. And if you make the relocation to one of the most romantic neighborhoods in LA easier and faster, you will feel even better about it. Start planning now and make this life chapter wonderful for you and your partner.