Miami, FL at sunset.

The most exciting cities to live in Florida

If you love beaches, year-round hot weather, and friendly people, it doesn’t matter which city in Florida you choose. You can just close your eyes before the map of Florida and put your finger anywhere. The Sunshine State is large, populous, gorgeous, and full of exciting places to live. And not just for retirees. Florida may be a retirement haven, but that doesn’t mean young professionals, singles, couples, and families with kids have nothing to do here. Many cities, both big and small, offer affordability, safety, proximity to great amenities, world-class entertainment, education, healthcare, and much more. Check out the most exciting cities to live in Florida that make our list.

10 Exciting Cities to Live in Florida


Miami’s constantly growing population speaks volumes about the city’s desirability. Miami is the state’s most populous metro area, expected to become one of the world’s largest international business hubs. Miami’s vibrant culture and exciting nightlife make it one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. So, if you don’t like crowds, The Magic City may not be the right choice for you. Another downside we have to mention is the high living cost. Don’t get too excited is you find an affordable and easy way to settle in in Miami, life here is everything but affordable.


Tampa is part of another large metro area experiencing a population boom. Miami isn’t Florida’s only good place to move after college. Tampa is very popular among young professionals, too. In Tampa, you’ll find great schools, health care, and job opportunities. Moreover, it offers great museums, restaurants, sports, and other types of entertainment. Besides, Tampa is more affordable than many other exciting cities to live in Florida.

Tampa, FL – one of the most exciting cities to live in Florida.

Tampa offers all the amenities of a big city and a laid-back beach lifestyle.

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is one of the most amazing cities to live in Florida for those who prefer a small-town atmosphere. It has great employment opportunities, excellent schools, low crime rates, lots of amenities, and an overall high quality of life. In addition, there are many golf courses, unique shops, great restaurants, and pristine beaches. No wonder why so many rich and famous people own properties here. 


Sarasota boasts a thriving economy and plenty of jobs, especially for those working in health care and tourism. Some of its biggest problems are traffic congestion and high living cost. Despite this, Sarasota is still one of the most exciting places to live in Florida. It has great schools, clean parks, plenty of shopping options, restaurants, and local attractions. This southwest Florida region is a little more low-key, which makes it a perfect place for families and retirees. Still, that doesn’t mean Sarasota’s nighttime scene is non-existent. There are many local bars, clubs, and craft breweries popular with the younger population. 


This growing metro area attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. There are over 500 culturally and aesthetically diverse neighborhoods for you to choose from when looking for a new home. Jacksonville is also proud of its admirable art and music scene, shops, restaurants, and nature trails. The city is undergoing an economic boom and its most developed industries include health care, tourism, banking, and logistics.

Jacksonville, FL at night.

Jacksonville is one of the most exciting cities to live in Florida for people of all ages.

Fort Myers

Affordable prices, beaches for miles, and a huge job market make Fort Myers one of the fastest-growing and most exciting cities to live in Florida. This midsize metro area still manages to preserve its small-town feel. Its charming downtown offers great shops and restaurants. Furthermore, there are museums, theaters, parks, festivals, parades, historical sites, and art galleries both locals and tourists love to visit.

Boynton Beach

Another exciting, smaller city that’s made our list. Boynton Beach offers cultural diversity, stunning beaches, and good schools, plus, it is relatively affordable. In addition, it has nice neighborhoods to live in and it won’t be hard to find a decent job if you decide to move here. All things considered, moving anywhere in Boynton Beach stress-free shouldn’t be a problem. 


Orlando is also part of a sprawling metropolitan area. With 55 million visitors per year, Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country thanks to its being ’’The Theme Park Capital of the World’’. It is home to excellent schools and health care, as well as many high-tech companies, which makes it a good place to start a family. Although a shortage of jobs is not an issue here, the cost of living is relatively high.

A person’s hand holding a Universal Studios ticket, tourists in the background.

Welcome to Orlando, an exciting city in the heart of central Florida.


With one of the highest numbers of millionaires per capita, Naples is among the wealthiest cities in the US. Despite its small population (only 20,000 year-round residents), Naples has all the amenities of a large city. In addition to good schools and health care, this small, cozy town offers plenty of entertainment and job opportunities. Thanks to its low crime rate, it is a perfect place for tourists as well as full-time residents.  

Coral Gables

The city of Coral Gables is also among the richest and most exciting cities to live in Florida. Located southwest of downtown Miami, Coral Gables offers all the amenities of a large city. With so many natural attractions, shopping and dining options, there is always something to do here. Furthermore, Coral Gables has one of the best school systems and lowest crime rates in the state.