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The complete guide to moving with a baby in NYC

Moving is stressful enough. Right? You have to find a new house, sell your old one, deal with all the paperwork and pack your entire household for the relocation. But, when you add a crying baby to the list and all the hustle and bustle of NYC, things get a lot more complicated and stressful. You are probably scared now, it is understandable. Moving is time, money and energy-consuming process. However, it is far from impossible. Just make sure to start preparing everything ahead of time, look for some baby-proofing strategies to help you out and read some New York City guides for expats. Thus, if you need some tips and tricks for moving with a baby in NYC, keep on reading.

Make a Plan When Moving with a Baby in NYC!

First things first, when moving with a baby, you must make a plan. Your baby is the most important thing, and you must do everything in your power to make this move a stress-free experience for everybody. Start by looking for a new home and completely furnishing and baby-proofing it. Then, hire a moving agency or find a lot of friends and family members who will be willing to help you out. Decide what will you bring with you, and what can be left behind. Maybe all of this does not sound complicated, but once you start organizing and planning everything, you will soon realize that you will need a lot of time and energy just for making plans. So, start as soon as possible and do not eave anything for the last minute.

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It would also be a good idea to create a checklist on your phone or laptop, in order not to forget something.

Find a New Home and Baby-proof It

It is of key importance to find your new home before you relocate with your baby. Just think about it – you will be living in an uncomfortable hotel with a small baby and paying for storage for all your items while looking for housing. It will be a nightmare. So, save yourself from all of that trouble and find a new home before anything else. If you do not have time or experience to do this by yourself, consider hiring a real estate agent to help you out. A realtor can find you a home that suits your needs and your budget in no time. And, once you find your new dream home, make sure it is baby-proofed and thoroughly cleaned. Again, if you do not have time, hire cleaners as cleaners are helpful whether you are moving in or out.

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The sooner you find and equip your new home, the faster will you go back to your routine.

Hire a Moving Agency When Moving with a Baby in NYC

Nowadays you can hire people to help you with anything. It is the same with moving. Yes, you can opt for a DIY kind of relocation if you want to save money. But, be sure that that kind of relocation will cost you time and energy. And with a small baby, time and energy are probably something you do not have. It is the same with all parents. So, save yourself from all that trouble and hire a moving agency like ipsnycmovers.com. Professional packers can help you out with all the moving-related tasks – gathering packing materials, preparing and packing household items, loading everything to the moving truck, and relocating it safely to your new address. Your only job will be to decide what they should pack and what you should leave behind and thus, you will save a lot of time when moving.

Pack Your Baby’s Things Last

Tell your movers to leave packing up your child’s stuff until the last day. Babies and toddlers will also be scared and confused because of this move, even if you do not see it. Changes are always hard. So do everything in your power to stick to your routines. Do not change your baby’s schedule because of the move. Of course, that is not always going to be possible, but you must try. And, when the last day comes, find a person who will be in charge of your baby while you and the movers pack the nursery. Pack the non-essentials first – older toys, books, clothes, shoes, etc. Then move to furniture. It is a good idea to keep everything labeled so that you can find and assemble stuff easier later on. And the things you should not pack in boxes are all the things that your baby needs on a moving day.

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Always box up the non-essentials first. Leave essentials for the last day.

Prepare an Essentials Bag

And finally, as mentioned above, you should pack an essentials bag. First, pack an essentials bag for your child. In there you should include – diapers, wipes, clothing and pajamas, toys and books, blanket, bottles, pacifiers, bath items, medicines, and similar. Prepare formula, that is the food that your baby eats, and prepare a lot of it, just in case. Then, keep by your side a car seat, stroller, and carrier. Always double-check these items. And, once you make sure that your baby’s essentials bag is packed, move on to yours. This is also a bag that should be by your side at all times. In there, put all of your important documents first. Then, move onto electronics – phones, tablets, laptops, chargers and whatever you have. And finally, pack a lot of food and drinks for the entire family! Good luck and have a safe trip!