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working from home with child

Working from Home? How to Improve Productivity with Children Around?

Working from home is great. You can sit in your pajamas on the couch the whole day, drink tea and listen to relaxing music. That’s working from home if you don’t have children. And if you do, this isn’t what working from home looks like at all. Children are very demanding no matter what their […]

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person walking down the sreet

Your Home: Live or Leave

Sometimes it’s not easy to decide whether you should leave your home or continue to live there for who knows how long. People tend to get attached to a certain place even if it doesn’t make them satisfied. And once you get attached, there is no going back. But we will try to help you […]

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parent walking with child

How to Help your Child Cope with Anxiety when Moving to a New Home?

One can claim with fair certainty that anxiety is a problem familiar to every human being. Most of us get to know the feeling quite early in our lives. While some learn how to cope and handle these difficulties in helping your child cope with anxiety when moving, others are not so fortunate. Certain studies […]

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