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A young man doing a handstand at a beach.

How to continue your workout routine after moving to Dubai

Moving to another country or city includes stepping out of your routine. A lot of changes happen, and people often find it hard to go back on track with their hobbies, sports activities, etc. And that’s okay – for a while. After some time, it’s time to continue where you left, but that’s not always […]

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Miami, FL at sunset.

The most exciting cities to live in Florida

If you love beaches, year-round hot weather, and friendly people, it doesn’t matter which city in Florida you choose. You can just close your eyes before the map of Florida and put your finger anywhere. The Sunshine State is large, populous, gorgeous, and full of exciting places to live. And not just for retirees. Florida […]

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A NJ house
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A person holding a test tube for coronavirus.
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