Startup to scaleup – a step by step guide

Getting your startup to scale-up can be quite an adventure. But, be sure that this adventure will require a lot of time, money and energy. Moreover, this change is definitely not something that can happen overnight. But, if you notice that you have achieved all previously set goals, that you have strong cash flow and a good team, then, it is definitely time to start thinking and planning for a scaleup! You must figure out a way to expand and grow your business. And, yes, that will require a lot of investments, work, researching and a lot of sleepless nights for sure. But, do not worry. We are here to help you and your company expand. Thus, without further ado, here is a step by step guide of how to go from startup to scaleup.

  1. Develop Business Strategy

First things first, you must develop a proper business strategy. Do not worry, you do not have to develop anything complex and perplexing. The best thing is to develop one that works best for you and your company. For example, start with all the strengths and weaknesses you have noticed so far. Then, think about all the expectations and prospects. Finally, set goals! Set goals for every month, quarter and year. Do not forget to include all your investors and do market research as well. If you have not done this before, do not hesitate to ask for help. Try to talk to other business owners whose scaleup was a success. Or, you can go to some seminar for small business owners and entrepreneurs as they can be really helpful when scaling a business.

A woman working at her laptop and exploring the road from starup to scaleup.

It is of key importance to do a lot of researching and consulting when developing a business strategy.

  1. Invest in Technology

We live in the 21st century, that is, the age of technology. So, if you want your company to go from a startup to a scaleup, you must make sure your technology is up to date. If it is not, well, it is time for some investing. Thus, once you decide to move your office, you should first consider what kind of equipment should be bought. You will probably need a lot of computers, laptops, printers, projectors, phones, cameras, and all sorts of modern office gadgets. Moreover, once your client base starts to grow, you will also need a place to store all the necessary information. Cloud computing works best in this situation. Besides saving you money and space, it will also give you and your clients easy access to all important data.