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Smooth Relocation: Make Moving Easier on You and Your Kids


While we sail on the waves of stress, we tend to forget that there are others in the boat with us. Yes, we’re the ones at the helm, but others may feel queasy as well as wave upon wave hits and threatens to throw us overboard. And the tempestuous sea is, unfortunately, unforgiving. Every life decision comes with its own tempest, but the trick is to find a way to balance the boat. Among many life decisions that threaten to tips us over, moving house is one of the most stressful ones. But if you think you’re faring the worst, you’re mistaken. Moving is quite an upheaval for the entire family, especially children, who can feel quite overwhelmed. However, there are ways to make moving easier on your entire family, with just a few adjustments here and there.

Talk, talk and then talk some More

If this is not the first thing that comes to mind when you decide you’re moving, then it should be. One of the best ways to alleviate any concerns in general is to talk it out. Sit with your kids and talk to them about the move. They will definitely have questions, and you should try to answer them. Also, start early. As soon as you know you are moving, let your kids know, as well. Explain it to them so they understand. Mental preparation for such a big life decision is as important as the physical one.

Talking alleviates concerns kids may Have


new house and land

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It doesn’t all have to be solemn, though. There are ways you can make moving exciting, like a new adventure you’re setting out on! If they believe in fairytales, tell them you’ve conquered a land. Tell them they’ll become a prince/princess of a faraway castle! Anything is possible in the minds of children, so why not let that help you with easing their worries. If you truly want to make moving easier on you and your kids, make it more fun!

Calm and collected is the best Way

There are people who tend to focus too much on the practical side of things, disregarding their own emotions. But that is not the best way of coping with the stress of the move. If you’re like that, then you will be at your wit’s end by the time you’ve moved. Through all the hustle and bustle, devote some time to yourself. Try meditation for a more relaxed state of mind. Go on walks with your kids. Take care of your mental health throughout this entire process. Stress has a way of pervading the atmosphere. That is, if you’re stressed, then your family will most likely be stressed, as well. And that is certainly not the way to make moving easier on you and your kids. Take care of yourself so you can take care of them.

Get your kids involved in the Process

Once again, if you want to make moving easier, you should really involve your children. When you make decisions, ask them about their opinion. Let them know that the “grand council” simply cannot decide without them. You can even involve them in the practical side of things. Ask them to pack their toys, or to help with carrying something light. That will let them know they are also in charge, which will do wonders to reduce their anxiety.

Don’t give up on their Routine

This will be beneficial both for you and your kids. In tempestuous waters, how often do we wish for shore? Routine can be that patch of land for you to anchor yourself and your family during the uncertainty of a move. If you’re used to going on strolls with your family every day, don’t give that up. If you have dinner at seven, have dinner at seven. Do everything “by the book.” That will make moving easier on you, as well as on your kids. It’s good to know that there’s that shore, that we’re looking at it and that it’s always there if we need it. Incredibly, routines often do that for us.

Routine can be the anchor we need in high-stress situations

Choose professionals for your peace of Mind

Unless you have prior experience moving with your entire family, this is not something you want to do on your own. When moving with your family, you need to be focused on their wellbeing. That is not something you can do completely when your mind’s all over the place. So, leave the metaphorical and the literal heavy lifting to professionals. Just make sure that you choose a trustworthy, experienced company, and you’re set. Now there’s nothing stopping you from taking that stroll or having dinner at just the right time.

Pack a bag of Goodies

This is particularly important if you have a small child. As with routines, children get often attached to things. If you truly want to make moving easier on you and your kids, you will prevent that temper tantrum that is looming if your child doesn’t know where his plushy went. You need to pack and separate the things your child holds dear. When you move, there’s a chance you won’t be able to unpack immediately. However, you still need to have everything that your child needs.

When it comes to the practical things, pack diapers, medication, clothing, pajamas. When it comes to the “impractical,” but no less necessary, things, pack your kids’ toys, pacifiers, blankets, etc. That is, pack anything that has a soothing effect on your child. It is pivotal to ease them into life in the new home.


Pack the things they hold dear separately

Let them say goodbye

While many people don’t like saying goodbye, it does create a sense of closure necessary in a situation such as this one. Tell your child to say goodbye at his kindergarten/school. Take them to the park the last day, let them say goodbye to their friends. Encourage them to keep in touch after the move. That will teach them that the new chapter you’ve embarked on does not have to come with cut ties. And, in the end, that will teach them that ends and beginnings are not that frightening.