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Impact of AI on content marketing

‘Content marketing’ is one of the most frequently used terms in the digital parlance today, and for good reasons. Any content, regardless of how well written it is, doesn’t make the cut anymore if it is not interspersed with the intent of targeted marketing.



Making The Horse Drink The Water

Horses drink water when they’re thirsty, or when they’re motivated to drink it. Put some thought into it, and you’ll realise that being thirsty and being motivated to drink are two sides of the same coin.



Combining video sensors with deep learning to benefit smart cities

Deep learning is being increasingly seen as the go-to-approach for sensors, speech recognition, computer vision, NLP and inevitably, smart cities.



#7 Instagram Strategies That Give Instant Wings to your Start-up

Over the past decade or so, start-ups have sprouted like mushrooms, often with little context or perspective. Everybody seems to want to join the bandwagon before it gets too late. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Everyone has a life-altering idea that can infuse the ``Light`` in a world brimming with darkness.



10 Reasons Why Virtual Offices Are Here To Stay

With the emergence of new technology almost on a daily basis, it has almost become a norm that every product out there entails a startup/concept/idea fuelling it.



#10 Commandments of Content Marketing for Start-ups

As a start-up, you know that you have to tread the ground carefully. Apart from continuing to believe in the power of your dream and convincing others to do the same, you often find yourself juggling more tasks than you can handle



Cryptocurrencies and Their Consistent Robbery! Are They Really “Indomitable”? What are Stable Coins?

Cryptos’ has seen a widespread green in the last two years as a result of a consistent fight for a right. The power of the people and for the people has been cleverly translated as a “digital chaos”, by the central banks and the chattering governments.



The Fourth Industrial Revolution with Blockchain, Crypto Banking, AI and the Government

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as technologies has seen a shift in observation by critics, investors, miners, users, and the cyber population, in the past two years. With words in support like a revolutionary bend in banking–Crypto Banking, automation of services–Artificial Intelligence



Cryptomining and other career opportunities in the blockchain ecosystem

Cryptocurrencies and talk of blockchain applications are everywhere lately. They are tea-time talk subjects of blockchain investors, they are in the discussions of encouraged entrepreneurs and a headache of central banks and governments.



How Blockchain is Connecting Humans

Blockchain or the technology of trust, has redefined the way we transact. The technology is based on a patriotic concept, i.e. a huge database authenticated by a wider community, rather than any middle authority further allowing a self-sustaining, secure, and fast movement of information/payments/data.



Blockchain: What comes first? An Opportunity or a Threat

Blockchain, with time, has gained a momentum in the technological debate since 2016. First came Bitcoin (in terms of debate), then came Ethereum, Blockchain followed and now, every other Linkedin update announces an ICO launch or an exchange. So, what allowed these ongoing controversial talks?



IBM, Stellar, and Veridium to Work on Creating Digital Tokens for Carbon Credits

Before I start discussing the details of the recent handshake between IBM and environmental Fintech startup Veridium, done to transform the current scenario of carbon credit, it is necessary to answer an essential question: What are carbon credits?



5 Quick facts about Super Typhoon Lan heading towards Japan

Typhoon Lan or Super Typhoon Lan, speculated to be the biggest typhoon to hit earth is rapidly intensifying into a monstrous form. As per the reports, the typhoon since Thursday night has gained Category 4 status this Saturday morning (Japan time). Typhoon Lan, now a Super Typhoon is continuously advancing into a deadlier form,



10 Best Places for a lavish destination wedding

Weddings are a blissful charm. That special day of your life where you transit from one phase of life to an another is just pure ecstasy. What makes this day more special is the arrangements and the perfection assembled in each and every task that you have been planning since the beginning.



5 Powerful Families That Apparently Control The World

The world is a notorious place, full of secrets and full of ugly truths painted in hoax or rumors only brushed by media which can help us only assume. There are secret societies, buried places and meeting rooms, Area 51 and a lot more, left only for the people of the world to guess.



Numpy Matrix Multiplication

NumPy, also known as Numerical Python, was created by Travis Oliphant, accomplished by blending the features of Numarray into a Numeric package. NumPy has acted as a “replacement” for Matlab (used for technical computing) in the past; How?



Hollywood celebrities and the biggest scandals till date

Celebrities know the way to live life, they are the premium spenders and create a benchmark in nearly everything they do for their fans based out in every geography. Speaking about celebrity scandals which are the mirror reflection of their life either true or false, have somewhere become a window dressing of our daily lives on the internet.



9 Biggest predictions of Game of Thrones Season 8

Game of Thrones Season 7 has given its fans the best treat of 7 years. The dragons growing ferociously beautiful and one dying a painful, untimely and predicted death, a romantic ending much awaited by millions (Jon and Daenerys), and above all a dangerous alliance of three powerful sides to defeat one evil i.e. the White Walkers.



QuadrigaCX: The Story of Missing Millions and Empty Cold Wallets

Cryptocurrency exchanges have been in existence for less than 10 years. Just as they have generated wealth for their founders, investors and participants they have also been mired with fraud, hacks and theft causing losses of billions of dollars. The most prominent example is the $400 million worth of bitcoin stolen from the now bankrupt exchange Mt.Gox.



These 10 Images prove that nothing is more powerful than Cyclones

Hurricanes are the way how nature reacts to the actions of humans, failure of mankind to preserve the planet they call their home and above all shameless exploitation of resources. The man has probably achieved nearly everything but it is when the state of helplessness strikes when these swirling storms pushes us to hide in the basement.



5 Real life paranormal experiences that will give you all the chills

Ghosts, Spirits, Demons, Jinns, Evil spirits or the Devil, these are entities that humans cannot see and touch but can fear them, feel them and in few cases get connected to them, for worse. The innocent term connection in case of invisible ghosts or spirits is the only way we can recognize an alien, hostile, and friendly (not in many cases) influence in our lives.

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