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Some of the Projects We have done

We have been featured on multiple National and International Magazines and Websites



Impact of AI on content marketing

‘Content marketing’ is one of the most frequently used terms in the digital parlance today, and for good reasons. Any content, regardless of how well written it is, doesn’t make the cut anymore if it is not interspersed with the intent of targeted marketing.



Making The Horse Drink The Water

Horses drink water when they’re thirsty, or when they’re motivated to drink it. Put some thought into it, and you’ll realise that being thirsty and being motivated to drink are two sides of the same coin.



Combining video sensors with deep learning to benefit smart cities

Deep learning is being increasingly seen as the go-to-approach for sensors, speech recognition, computer vision, NLP and inevitably, smart cities.



#7 Instagram Strategies That Give Instant Wings to your Start-up

Over the past decade or so, start-ups have sprouted like mushrooms, often with little context or perspective. Everybody seems to want to join the bandwagon before it gets too late. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Everyone has a life-altering idea that can infuse the ``Light`` in a world brimming with darkness.



10 Reasons Why Virtual Offices Are Here To Stay

With the emergence of new technology almost on a daily basis, it has almost become a norm that every product out there entails a startup/concept/idea fuelling it.



#10 Commandments of Content Marketing for Start-ups

As a start-up, you know that you have to tread the ground carefully. Apart from continuing to believe in the power of your dream and convincing others to do the same, you often find yourself juggling more tasks than you can handle

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