the right time to call

The Right Time to Call your DATE

It’s a Saturday night, and you are at one of the most deadly boring parties you have ever been to. You are about to head for home when, suddenly, out of nowhere, the guy or the girl of your dreams appears from a corner of the club and you begin one of the most exciting conversations you’ve ever had. You exchange phone numbers and think “I’ve done it! I’m going to date this spectacular guy/girl!”.

Now it’s Sunday, you’re at home, and realize that you still have to sort out quite an important detail: in order to get a date, you have to call him/her!

From that moment onward a disturbing question bounces back and forth in your head: When should I call? What is the right day?
Despite all appearances, this is the last moment on earth to be sentimental.
On the contrary, it’s time to sit and consider things in a strictly rational way.
Let’s start from day one: that is, the next day (Sunday, if you got his/her number on Saturday). Is it the right day?
The answer is easy: Are you nuts?

Calling less than 24 hours later is the best way to communicate to your potential future partner that you are a loser and that the last time you dated somebody was when “Dirty Dancing” came out. And I suppose that’s not exactly what you want.

What about Monday then?

It’s two days later, beginning of the new week, that could work, no?
Dead wrong! If you call on Monday somebody you just met on Saturday night, it conveys an indisputably clear message: that you spent the whole weekend staring at the phone book of your iPhone, and stopped your finger, at the last moment, a few hundred times from making THE call.

Then, on Monday, you couldn’t hold back any more: you HAD to call.
Any smart guy or girl would get it straight away and your chances of winning her/his heart (and the rest of the package) would disappear in a flash.

And so we get to Tuesday.

I know what you are thinking: “What’s wrong with Tuesday? It has been three full days since you met, why shouldn’t I call him/her?”.
Oh, yes, you could do it, you could definitely do it, if you don’t mind assigning him/her the role of the leader in the next ten years of your future relationship. I mean, you called first, but do you also have to give him/her the upper hand by calling only three days later?

I don’t think you should.
Therefore there’s undoubtedly only one RIGHT day to call: Wednesday.
And it’s not a matter of opinion, we’re talking science.
Wednesday is the day when your potential partner will wake up thinking “He/she hasn’t called yet, maybe he/she isn’t that interested in me”. And when the phone rings, and it’s you, he/she will be so happy and so grateful you have called, that an enthusiastic “yes” will pop out of his/her mouth before you have actually asked her/him out.

Calling on Thursday (that is the “fifth day”) on the contrary, is something to be avoided: you would look over-confident and full of yourself and you would likely end up having your invitation turned down.
In conclusion, as God took seven days to build the Universe, you will take four days to build your date. And, honestly, having a  date which works isn’t much easier than creating a bunch of planets.