Preggers: People say this is Good News


We, as little girls, always knew that babies were born through the vaginas of their mothers. We knew that the process was somewhat intimidating and painful. And we knew that there were these troublesome nine months, which the mothers continued to bring up, every time we were nasty with them. However, what we did not know then, was the feeling of a new life beginning inside you.

What we did not know was how our bodies and lives shall change forever. What we did not know was the overwhelming and soul-stirring process of bringing about the human creation.

The first time you will realise that there is someone inside you, that “someone” will be a clingy mass of tissue. You will most likely have passed the first month of the first trimester and will now be gearing up to face a rather tough time. Right from the time your pregnancy indicator strip shows two lines, life shall begin on a roller coaster. On the emotional side, there will be this sense of responsibility that shall weigh you down suddenly, and even though everyone around you will be celebrating, you shall still be in a daze.

Gradually and slowly, amidst the nausea and strong odours, you will begin accepting what has come upon you. Though your equally bewildered spouse will try to assure you that it’s not just you but “both of you” who are pregnant, the truth is it will mostly be you. Apart from other fellow mothers, god shall be the only one knowing exactly what you are and will be going through, and people will sheepishly ask why you do not feel the rush of motherly love already.

Though everyone’s pregnancy is different, usually the first trimester is intimidating. There is this continuous feeling of nausea all day and you can not even take down water, leave alone food. Medication is not much relief either, and the feeling goes down considerably only after the fifth month.

You have extremely strong smell of all kinds of odours, which means non-vegetarian food is off your sight for the time being. Besides, Chinese food is to be given up for its vinegar and ajinomoto content. Maggi and carbonated drinks are also to be done away with because of preservatives. Papaya and pineapple are fruits deemed off limits. You shall be battling annoying mood swings all day. You shall not pass by the kitchen, because the smell and odours emanating are suddenly so strong and pungent that they would make you want to throw up. Anything you shall eat has a fair chance of not staying down there for more than an hour, and leave you wondering if you should eat at all.

People shall start being sympathetic to you considering you are losing your mind and are talking gibberish most of the times. You feel pukish at the mere thought of anything sweet; sweet- which was almost the cynosure of life until not long back. You don’t feel like getting up from the bed, doing anything at all, even talking or laughing. Any news or thought that is even mildly grief inducing shall bring you to sobs. You eat on the bed and don’t wash your soiled hand for an hour, looking at them and thinking nothing.

Nevertheless, people say this is good news. People have always congratulated couples on hearing about it. They are of the opinion that pregnancy is the eventuality of married life. They will tell you that it’s just a while before you will be happy again. Perhaps, happier than ever before.

You might be mostly lying down not wanting to do anything for the second and third month. There is a strange way your body tells you what is right and what is not. Like too much caffeine is deemed harmful, so whenever you drink tea or coffee, there is this weird dusty feel that lingers on after that for a while. So, there will be a lot of things that you otherwise loved, but will now find repulsive.

The second trimester sets in with better energy levels, and lost hope in life regained. By the fourth month, you would have got back your appetite and energy levels.  It’s like that one dream of every girl to eat as if you have another belly to store the fat in. When everybody tells you to eat more, and the weight you put on actually looks good to the world. This will be the trimester you will actually “feel” your baby and people will begin noticing your belly. More often than not, people will be kind and considerate, given your awe-inspiring baby bump; and you will be told to be careful twenty- four times a day. It will be a little exhausting to be mindful at all times, since walking, getting off the bed, climbing or getting down the stairs, crossing the road, bending down, lifting things and turning sides will almost be herculean tasks to be accomplished. You will be told to lie down with your feet up and keep rotating your ankles to avoid swelling and leg cramps. This trimester is touted to be the better of the two since you are neither too clueless to understand what is happening to you, like the first one, nor too bulky to move around, like the third.

You might start feeling dizzy in the middle of anything. Whenever it is too hot or too exhaustive an environment, you might hear your heartbeats in your throat and feel the world going round and round. Your ankles might start swelling if you are standing for long hours. Medical test like TIFFA, NTNB and Double Marker, to check for physical well being of the child have to be done by around this time. A regular check on thyroid, sugar and haemoglobin has to be maintained right through. Two shots of Tetvac are to be taken. The clothes that you are able to get into will be going down steadily. You will want to get all of them loosened till the last thread, or get new airy ones made.

By the third trimester, the whole world can see your bump. The number of times you feel your baby do acrobatics inside, goes up considerably. Leg cramps particularly hurt in the morning. It’s difficult to get up once you sit down, and you begin feeling the weight on you. People start giving you a lot of space, literally, and questions like “which month beta?” and “are you eating properly?” become common. You would have gained a lot of weight and what shall haunt you now is whether you will ever get back into the kurtas you’ve locked away with a heavy heart..

Calcium is what you need more than before now. Iron continues to be important. Sleep becomes challenging with every passing day. People tell you to be as physically active as possible. Mopping the floor is a recommendation you might come across. Legend has it that it makes your pelvic muscles strong and flexible for the “pushing”. The endless stories of childbirth that you shall hear from women and see on the internet shall only add to your already increasing anxiety and fear.

This beautiful journey shall only make sense when you finally have your baby in your arms, and all the pieces fall in place.

In all likelihood, you shall pass this way again, more experienced and aware this time, and bask in the glory of motherhood. In a gorgeous moment in time did God give women this gift of birth that defined her and brought her closer to “him” every single time?

खुशखबरी  है ……..