A man carrying a pile of cardboard boxes while moving from New York City to the countryside.

Moving from New York City to the countryside

Unfortunately, the entire world has to face with the coronavirus outbreak. However, the situation is a lot more complicated in New York City when compared to other places. And, why? Because more than 8 million people live there. Crowds are everywhere, and escaping them is almost impossible. So, in order to avoid getting sick in all those crowds and possibly get away from those tiny apartments, many New Yorkers are moving to the countryside right now. But how to organize your move and save your health while doing so? Well, that is why we are here. Thus, if you have opted for moving from New York City to the countryside safely, keep on reading.

Plan Ahead of Time

Planning is the key to having a successful and smooth relocation. However, when faced with a pandemic, you will need to step up your planning game even more. Start ahead of time. A month in advance would be ideal. Start by setting your moving date and budget, and then plan accordingly. Moreover, what you should also do in advance is to decide whether you plan on having a DIY kind of move or hire movers instead. Whatever you decide, you must make sure you and everyone around you stay safe. Organize your family too but try to avoid going out too much, talking to others, or touching anything. Yes, all of this sounds a bit complex, but you must take all precautions in order to stay safe while moving from New York City to the countryside due to the coronavirus outbreak.

A woman writing a plan in her notebook regarding moving from New York City to the countryside.

Write down your plan and stick to it. It will help you organize.

Contact Your Movers to Assist You While Moving from New York City to The Countryside

If you decide to move using the service of a moving company like capitalcitymovers.us, you must also contact them as soon as possible. Contact them as soon as you decide on your moving date. And why is that important? Because, as we mentioned earlier, moving right now more complicated than it used to be. So, you, together with the moving company’s representative must discuss the best practices for the moving day. All of you must decide on what is the best way to get the job done properly as well as done safely. Luckily, all moving agencies that are still working, do their best to keep their clients safe. So, discussing the move with them ahead of time will help you all stay on the same page and follow the same plan. Just remember – call you movers on the phone, do not visit them in person!

Buy All the Packing Materials in One Go

However, if you decide to do the process of leaving city and settling down in rural home completely by yourself, you must prepare well. Start by gathering all the packing materials you may need. If you haven’t moved recently, you probably do not have them laying in your basement or attic. So, that means going shopping for packing materials and supplies. And, like everything else, shopping nowadays comes with a different set of rules. Firstly, make a list of everything you need to buy in order not to forget anything. Then, put your gloves and facemask on! Once you enter the store, follow your shopping list and try to get all the items you need quickly and in one go. Buy some extras just in case too! When you get home, do not touch the items you bought until you disinfect everything.

A pile of cardboard boxes on a pallet.

You can buy all the packing supplies at your local hardware store.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Well, this one is pretty straight forward, right? Yes, we all heard that washing our hands and sanitizing everything is the key to staying away from the coronavirus. But, besides washing your hands and clothes, you must also pay attention to all the items you are packing. Clean and sanitize everything! The switch on your lamp, the outside of your pan, everything. Many of you will say that this is unnecessary. But, have you heard what the scientists and doctors say – the virus can survive up to 24 hours on hard surfaces. That means that the virus can live on all of your household knick-knacks.

So, be smart! Clean each and every item as you pack it. Moreover, clean everything when you unpack it too! That is the best way to ensure that the virus does not enter your new home. This process will require a lot of your time, but we can all agree that this is something that has to be done and that saving time when moving should not be your top priority now.

A woman cleaning.

Do not forget to properly clean your current NYC home and your future rural home.

Follow the 24 Hour Rule

According to all the scientists and doctors, the coronavirus can last around 24 hours on hard surfaces like wood, plastic, cardboard, etc. On metal surfaces even longer. Of course, you probably do not have enough alcohol or sanitizers to completely disinfect each and every piece of furniture you must bring into your home. The same applies to all the boxes and bins too. So, what you should do is leave all the items outside (once they are unloaded) for 24 hours. Only then you will be sure that the virus is gone. This should not be hard now as you are in your rural home that probably has a big yard. Thus, leave everything outside, and make sure to completely clean and sanitize your new rural home before you move in for good. In the end, remember to stay positive, it will improve your emotional well-being. Good luck and stay safe.