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Your Home: Live or Leave

Sometimes it’s not easy to decide whether you should leave your home or continue to live there for who knows how long.

People tend to get attached to a certain place even if it doesn’t make them satisfied.

And once you get attached, there is no going back.

But we will try to help you decide whether you will leave your home or simply stay where you are for some more time.

Your Home’s Condition Is An Important Factor

You have to be honest with yourself when you are in this kind of a situation where you are wondering what to do, live or leave. Your home’s condition is a big factor. And it’s best if you are objective about it.

If you feel like your home looks bad on the inside, you have to think about what’s so bad about it.

If it’s the furniture, that is a thing that can easily be changed. Don’t like the color of your walls? You can change that too! But if the problem is much bigger like cracked walls and ceilings, squeaky floors, leaking roof, broken windows, etc. you might want to leave your home.

It’s pointless to invest money into fixing something if you can simply move away and make it much easier on yourself. If it worries you that moving costs a lot of money, you should know that there are ways to move inexpensively. You can look for cheap moving services in Chicago for example.

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Certain things can be changed to make the condition of your home better. But sometimes it’s best to just move away.


Sometimes just a little decluttering and cleaning makes a home look much nicer. So we suggest you try to do that first. If you are still not satisfied with how it looks after you’ve done that, you begin searching for your new home.

Leave Your Home If  The Location Is Bad

Your home’s location is very important when you are thinking about whether or not you should leave your home.

Think about if the neighborhood is safe? If it isn’t, consider relocating to Uptown with some assistance. It goes the same for if you have bad neighbors. Being surrounded by people you don’t feel safe or pleasant around is never a good idea.

Is your home far away from your work? Living close to where you work is very helpful, especially if you have children.

You will have more time in the morning if you live closer to your workspace. And if you have children, you want them to have a school nearby. So if you don’t see any schools around that you’d like your child to go to, moving is an option that you should seriously consider. Your children’s education is important and you don’t want them to go to a bad school just because it is near your current home.

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Having a good school nearby that your children can go to is important for both you and them.


Do You Have Enough Rooms?

Lack of rooms is never good. It makes the home feel crowded and tight. This is especially true if several family members live together.

If the home is too small and you feel like there is not enough room for all of you, finding a bigger home is the only option that makes sense. Building more rooms and redoing your whole house just to make an extra room won’t do the job you need. The only option when you should do this kind of things is when all the other factors are perfect.

If you think that your children might not like the change and that relocation will be hard for them, don’t worry. There are ways to make moving easier for both you and your children. But we are sure nobody will have a problem with living in a bigger home.

Do You Have Too Many Rooms?

This is the opposite of not having enough space. Sometimes too much space can eat you up. Living alone in a big home is never good. It can make a person feel unsafe. And besides that, what does having a lot of rooms mean to you if you don’t use them? Downsizing is a nice change and if you are used to big spaces, there are ways to make small spaces look and feel bigger.

Having too many rooms is bad for one more reason. It creates clutter. A lot of clutter that you don’t need. So remember to get rid of all this before downsizing. Because if you don’t, you will feel like you don’t have enough space.


an empty room

Having big and empty rooms is the perfect condition for creating big clutter.

Becoming Independent

At one point in your life, you will have to leave your parents’ home. Some find this to be very stressful. Especially if you are leaving home to go to college. This step also means growing up and becoming independent and that’s why many teens find it hard to do so. But bear in mind that the sooner you leave your home, the sooner you’ll find your own peace in your own home.

More Factors That Should Affect Your Decision

  • Are you happy to live in that city? – if you don’t feel good in the city or the state you live in you can easily relocate to another one. You can find a new job elsewhere. Starting a new job makes people feel nervous but if this is for your own good, we think you will lose the nervousness in no time. Besides, it’s good to change things once in a while.
  • Friends and family? – if you live far away from your friends and family and you find it really hard it’s a good idea to move closer to them. Having the people you love nearby is always a good idea. You never know what can happen and when you will need them.