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How to save time when moving

Relocation represents many things. It is a process that is stressful, expensive, and above all, time-consuming. And we all know that time is money. People are always in a hurry for some reason. Some have to relocate quickly for their job, some for their school, some can not wait to move in with their loved ones, and some just want to get it over with. Whatever the reason may be, all people have the same struggle. Luckily, we are here to help you out. So, without further ado, here are some tips and tricks on how to save time when moving.

Hire a Moving Agency to Save Time When Moving!

Probably one of the best ways to save time when moving is to hire a moving agency like City Movers. They will provide you with packing supplies, sort and pack everything properly, deal with all the heavy lifting, load and unload the truck, and transfer everything to your new address on time. They will do all of this for you, while you take care of other important things. Moreover, you can even ask for some additional fees like unpacking, or handling fragile items or even disassembling your furniture. You just have to ask what services go into their moving contract! So, if you are in a hurry, ask your trusted friends for some recommendations, or do some research online. You will be able to find some great, affordable and reliable moving companies that will save you a lot of time when moving.

A person using a laptop to find out about the ways to save time when moving.

As soon as you set your moving date, start looking for moving agencies.

Do Not Run Out Of Packing Supplies

If, by any chance, you decide to have a DIY kind of a move, make sure you are prepared! That means that you should have enough packing supplies. If possible, have some extras too! Better to be safe than sorry. So, if you do not want to be running to the store a couple of times, and waste your valuable time shopping for packing supplies, create a list and go shopping. You will need a lot of cardboard boxes for packing your possessions.┬áThen, buy a lot of packing paper and plastic wrap – this is something you should buy in bulk, trust us you will need it. Buy some good quality duct tape, scissors, and permanent markers too!

Scissors, tape and plastic wrap.

You can buy all the packing supplies at your local stationery shop or a hardware store.

SOS Your Friends and You Will Save Time When Moving

Another great way to save a lot of time when moving, and save a lot of money too, is to ask your friends for help. So, call everybody you know, family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues and tell them that it is your time to move and ask them are they willing to help you out. Most of them will probably say YES. With their help, you will be able to prepare, pack and relocate in just a couple of days, or even less. You can, for example, each pack one room. Moreover, your friends can help you disassemble all the furniture and help you with all the heavy lifting, which is something you could definitely not do alone. Afterward, when you are all done with the process of relocation, your job is to repay them. Order some pizza and beer, or if possible take them to a restaurant to show appreciation.

Clean Your House

Yes, when trying to move in a hurry, whether moving to a new neighborhood or across the world, a lot of people do not want to waste their time cleaning their homes. But, this is something you must do in advance if you want to have a fast and smooth relocation process. Unfortunately, the moving day itself will be messy, but you can make it less chaotic by cleaning everything beforehand. This will also be good preparation before packing everything. So, get your vacuum cleaner and duster and clean everything. Focus on the items you plan on bringing with you. Clean them thoroughly. Throw away all the junk. Be sure that if you have many things lying around, your moving process will be slow. Thus, before your friends or the movers you hired, come to your house, make sure it is sparkling clean.

A woman with cleaning equipment.

If you want to save time when moving, be sure that your home is mess-free.

Declutter and Downsize

Speaking of moving preparations you can do in order to save time, besides cleaning your home, you can also declutter it. One thing is for sure, the more items you plan on relocating, the more time you will need for packing and relocating it. And, more money too! So, do yourself a favor and declutter your home. Focus on the items you really need – items that are irreplaceable and valuable. Everything else can be replaced. Thus, if you want to save time when moving, you can try to downsize and get rid of some stuff. Before you start packing, take a couple of bins and start sorting your belongings like this:

  • Keep Bin – as previously mentioned, relocate only the items that are absolutely necessary for you.
  • Donate Bin – If you have some items that are in great shape, but there is no need for you to use them anymore, consider donating them to your local charitable organization. You will get rid of the items you do not need, and make somebody really happy at the same time.
  • Sell Bin – Also, if you have some items that can not fit into your new home or some that you do not use anymore but are still in a good shape, you can always sell them. Organize a yard sale or sell them online.
  • Throw Away Bin – And if some of your belongings are just outdated, broken, damaged, or useless, save your time and energy and throw them away.