A man carrying several cardboard boxes and thus risking to get some of the heavy lifting injuries.

How to protect against heavy lifting injuries?

Are you planning on moving soon? If you are, you should probably start thinking about protecting yourself against heavy lifting injuries! Yes, they are real! And most people realize that once they end up with a back injury, a joint injury or with lots of cuts and bruises. Thus, to protect yourself, you have two options – to hire professional movers and not lift finger, or to prepare for a DIY kind of heavy lifting. You are probably interested in the second option, right? Luckily, we are here to help you out and share some secrets and heavy lifting techniques that will save you from all possible injuries. So, if you want to know how to protect yourself from heavy lifting injuries and have a smooth relocation, keep on reading.

Disassemble What You Can to Protect from Heavy Lifting Injuries

First things first, you should disassemble all those large and bulky pieces of furniture. Remove all the attached parts. For example, if you plan on moving a desk, first empty the drawers, then remove them. If it is impossible to remove them, at least seal them with duct tape so they won’t open while you are carrying them. Do the same with shelves, closets, dressers or any big pieces of furniture with drawers. Then, remove the furniture’s legs. And, if possible, remove the knobs and handles too. Do not forget to label everything so that you know how to assemble it afterward. Also, do not forget to buy packing supplies to organize your belongings, once you disassemble them. This all will make the heavy lifting process a lot easier.

A set of unusual drawers.

Be sure to empty all the drawers and similar contents before lifting.

Remove All the Obstacles

Once you empty all your shelves and drawers and disassemble what you can, it is time for heavy lifting. But, there is one more thing you should do in order to protect yourself from heavy lifting injuries. Try to remove everything from the floor or from the pathway you plan on using. Make sure that there are no obstacles that would make you trip inside the house. Also, be sure that the outdoor path is clear as well, that is, there should be no snow, mud, or anything else that would get in your way. Unfortunately, many people forget to do this, and they hurt themselves and damage their furniture. So, be smart when it is time to move! You will make this process a lot easier by preparing properly.

Find Help!

One thing is for sure – you will not be able to lift couches, sofas, tables, dressers and similar, all by yourself. So, do not even try, or else you will end up with a bad heavy lifting injury. If you have some really complicated, bulky and expensive pieces of furniture or if you need to transport your heavy instrument, it would be the best idea to hire professional movers to do the job. But, if you really want to do everything by yourself, then ask for help elsewhere. Call everybody you know – friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors. The more people you have around you, the easier it would be to move heavy furniture. Then, once your move is complete and all your heavy injuries have been avoided, make sure you reward all the people who helped you move. Pizza and beer always a good idea!

Two friends fist-bumping.

Everything is going to be much easier with the help of friends!

How to Lift Properly

Believe it or not, but when it comes to heavy lifting, you have to use your brain more than your muscles. That is, you must know how to lift properly in order to avoid any possible heavy lifting injuries. Do not worry, there are just a couple of techniques you must focus on. That way, you will protect both yourself and your precious belongings. So, here is what you need to do:

  • Stretch – Lifting heavy furniture is just the same as lifting weights. If you want to do it properly, you must stretch before doing any activity. Thus, be sure to prepare your body for this moving activity.
  • Have a stable base – Keeping a wide and stable base is of key importance when heavy lifting. This will help you distribute the weight, make sure you do not fall once you start lifting and protect your back from any possible injuries.
  • Keep your back straight – As mentioned many times before, back injuries are the most common ones when it comes to heavy lifting. Thus, do everything in your power to keep your back straight when lifting anything heavy. Use your knees for bending, not your back.
  • Do not lift anything above your waist – Try to avoid lifting anything above your head or shoulders. Your waist should be the limit.
  • Push instead of pulling – This is the golden rule of heavy lifting. And the one, all professional movers swear upon. So, avoid pulling heavy items as much as you can and try pushing them instead. By doing this, you will have fewer chances of hurting yourself.
A woman in neck pain.

Back and neck injuries, as well as all other heavy lifting injuries can be avoided if you follow our advice.

Invest in Moving Tools

If you do not want to hire movers to help you out with your moving process, and you definitely want to protect yourself from all heavy lifting injuries, you should consider investing in proper moving tools. And, these moving tools are also great if you need to save time when relocating. For instance, buy a furniture dolly that has two wheels and it is perfect for stacking boxes and carrying them around. Then, get yourself some glides and sliders which you can put under the heavy piece of furniture and make it glide effortlessly. Also, consider getting some stair rollers and lifting straps as well. These tools will help you avoid all possible heavy lifting injuries. So, be smart! Use your brain, not your muscles.