How to grow your personal brand on Facebook

How to grow your personal brand on Facebook

Had Facebook been a country, it would have ranked third most populated country after China and India. Facebook, hence, is a huge social platform to connect with a wide range of people all around. The social media platform which everyone considers as the best for personal branding is undoubtedly the Facebook.

Here is how you can grow your personal brand on Facebook:

  1. Describe your brand in a productive yet simple manner

Tell your audience about your brand, what it provides and where it serves. Narrate a short story about yourself and the purpose of starting up the service.

What you must always remember is that people love to hear stories all the time. Stories cultivate the trust in the audience about the brand and services that are offered by you. It, works best in your favor to play around with stories.

Furthermore, you can use these stories to let the audience know about your motive, how you will be helpful to them, and what makes you best in what you’re offering.

2. Grow your network

Growing your network is the essential factor to grow your business. On the social media site like Facebook, you can easily find and get connected with like-minded people. There is nothing wrong with approaching people who are already in your domain. You can also join several groups and like numerous pages on Facebook, which are related to your business genre.

All you need to do is to keep engaging people. You will have to make efforts to deliver quality content which reveals quite an innovative things and updates of your brand.

3. Change your Privacy settings to open and public

This may seem a small gesture, but it makes a huge difference to the number of your audience size. People can easily find you and connect with you if your privacy settings are open to all. Even your profile will be suggested across by Facebook.

Start an official group and page

Having an official page will give you a platform to post all your updates. Whilst having an official group will be helpful in having an effective discussion and interaction with your audience. These platforms will help you get traffic to your blogs, articles, and website. Keep people hooked to your business by providing the recent updates and news.

  1. Run the ads on your Facebook page

This might cost you some bucks, but what you must know is that Facebook ads are proven to be more effective than ads on any other social media platforms. Facebook also has the option to customize your ads on the basis of audience location and their likes and dislikes. These ads can bring enough traffic to your page, which is active and quite interested in your business.

Given that there are over 2.20 billion monthly active Facebook users (13 percent increase year over year), you would agree that Facebook is too big to be ignored.

(Source: Facebook 04/25/18)

With 1.45 billion daily active users on Facebook, it is the go-to platform to reach your audience through ads. Furthermore, active users can help in growing your business and making your page viral.

2. Continue to post frequently and maintain the quality

 The quality posts will bring you more organic traffic than anything else. People will invite and recommend others if they find your posts worth their action. In order to promote yourself, you ought to give your audience a quality which is worth the promotion. The quality of your posts will reflect the quality of your brand. Make sure you represent it well.

3. Stay connected with the people

Growing a network is of no value if you do not know how to manage it well. Managing a network is a crucial and hectic job. When you stay connected with your network, it helps you in establishing stronger bonds with people in your network. People are more likely to trust you if you are genuinely interacting with them.

4. Plan a strategy and follow it

Plan a proper strategy for your feeds to be posted. Try to know, which type of content gets more likes and comments. Make a schedule for posting. Make sure you post at least twice a week. You will have to post content in the form of a story, photo, and video. Figure out, what type of a content marketing strategy helps you get more connections and active interactions. Follow the strategy with a plan. A number of your followers will not reach to millions in a week or two. It will take genuine efforts of months and consistency in your work, with the quality to reach a higher number of audiences.

5. Keep track of insights

Keeping track of your insights will help you analyse which of your posts are working best. You will get to know which part of geographical location produces more audiences for your posts. Insights will help you have a targeted and systematic approach to achieve your goals.

6. Syndicate your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories

You can share your Instagram stories to Facebook stories as with this cross-platform sharing feature you tend to save a lot of time, maintain the image quality and even more gain audience by sharing a lot of visual content that people generally find more engaging.

Some Final Words:

To grow a personal brand on Facebook is not quite a hackathon.  It is much more than that. It is a technique that requires quality and consistency. In order to grow your brand organically, it goes without saying that you need to spend some time and efforts to take the plunge.