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Guide to hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19

Coronavirus is something that we haven’t experienced and seen before. To make the tough circumstances even worst, the situation seems to be changing daily. These changes make it even more difficult to function. All our activities and routines have been readjusted to fit the new normal. So, relocation to a new home is no exception. Planning a move seems more difficult than ever before. One of the tasks that is harder to facilitate is hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19. However, there are certain tactics that you can do during this process. After all, your safety and the safety of your family should be your number one priority. Here is what you need to focus on while hunting for professional movers during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Be very cautious when hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19

Hiring professionals to move you is difficult on a regular day, which means that things are only getting harder during the pandemic. Usually, during the move, your number one concern would be your belongings. Today, that comes in second, since the health and safety of your family members come first. You need to be especially careful if you are moving with an elderly family member during the coronavirus outbreak. This current situation seriously ups the ante, since the elderly are the most vulnerable during the pandemic. This is the best possible time to ask questions when contacting potential moving companies. Get to know how their processes have changed during this unfortunate crisis.

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Hand sanitation and cleanliness is one of the best ways to prevent the virus from spreading.

Questions that you must ask when interviewing moving companies

Before you start the interviewing process for hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19, you might want to write down all your questions and concerns. Of course, every individual has questions that concern them and their unique situation. Yet, when it comes to the pandemic, use the opportunity to raise these questions:

  • What is the company doing to prevent the spreading of coronavirus?
  • How are drivers and moving personnel being protected during the relocation process?
  • Which advice do they give their customers? What should they do during the move that they didn’t before the pandemic started?
  • What is their process if it turns out that an employee or somebody else involved in a move is infected by the virus?

At the moment, it is far from the ideal time to move. However, these questions can be very handy and helpful in determining two things. First is do you really want to move now. Second, if you decide to move, which company is serious about the current crisis. Therefore, these questions will help you make the right choice.

Asking for a quote is still a must during the hiring process

Asking for a quote is still a very important part of the choosing process. A quote will give you a certain idea of how much will a moving company charge you for their services. Normally, to get the most reliable estimate you would want an in-house estimate. Surely at the moment, you would prefer not to have strangers in your home. Practicing social distancing is hard enough without having visitors in your living space. This is why you would request a virtual home visit. Charge your iPad and get down to business. Based on what movers see, you will get an estimated price for your move. To make the best possible choice, get quotes from multiple moving firms.

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When looking for the best possible movers ask fora quote and do not hesitate to ask all the questions that matter to you.

Rescheduling, delays, and cancelations

When hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19 under regular circumstance you might not be thinking about plan B. Unfortunately, now it is a must. Surely you have been following the COVID-19 outbreak. Only one thing is certain, which is that nothing is truly certain. The government’s decisions and the recommendations of medical experts change daily. So, you might have to change your plans in accordance with those verdicts. Consequently, delays, cancelations, and similar outcomes to your move are not unrealistic scenarios. Make sure your movers clarify what can be done in those instances. Word to the wise. Whatever you agree on should be stated in your final contract.

Cleaning and disinfecting before and after

If the circumstances were different we would advise you to hire a cleaning crew to make your home shine like a diamond. Still, because of social distancing, you should refrain from doing so. The best solution is to clean and disinfect on your own. The same goes for your old and new place. Take care of your soon to be ex-home before you move out. You might not be looking forward to doubling the effort, but the same should be done with your new home before you start unpacking and settling in. Regrettably, having a smooth relocation might not be in your cards during a COVID-19 pandemic. All tasks are more difficult than usual.

A disinfecting spray being spread as a deterrent against coronavirus.

When disinfecting make sure you follow all the instructions provided by the manufacturers.

A smile instead of a handshake

You were lucky, and you ended up hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19 that understand the seriousness of the present situation. These professionals risk their health and well-being every day to service their loyal customers. So, consult guys from Master Moving Guide for a recommendation, and once the movers you hire arrive at your address be considered and take their safety and health into consideration. Just like you are doing for yourself and your family. Welcome them with a positive attitude but without any contact. So, no handshakes. Also, make sure you have a place for them to wash their hands. If not, have some hand sanitizer that they can help themselves with.

Keep your cool and your distance

Hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19 will be just the first challenge. Once the moving day comes around you will be facing a whole different venture. During this process, you might get scared or overwhelmed. That is alright. We are all human and these are some frightening times. Try to keep you cool and to isolate your pets, kids, and other family members from the relocation process during moving day. Also, keep your distance from the moving staff. Do your best to refrain from meddling and helping with the move. We cannot reiterate enough the importance of practicing social distancing.