Grow your Writing Income as a Freelancer

When it comes to Freelancing you have ONLY Two Options:

Be Anonymous or be Famous.

There is No Middle Path, No Shortcuts, No Average.

Either you Exist Or you Don’t.

Either you Earn or you Don’t.

There is no space for Empathy, Cuddling or Confusion.

Either you’re Serious or you’re Wasting your Time.

Either you know the basics ie. Grammar, Language, usage of Words, Placement, Humor, Metaphors etc


You’re a Breathing typist buzzing like the flies over scattered Re 1 per word projects and replying to all the parasites that hire writers for the sake of “hiring”.

Bootstrapped, no budget and 21st-century entrepreneurs with excuses lined up for each and every situation no matter what’s your Qualification or Quality.

If you want to earn a living with writing then learn to say “No”.

If you want to justify your quality then make your words count and appreciated.

If you want to win good paying clients then make sure you use your time wisely.

Experience doesn’t mean how many hours you have been struggling to win content brokers or writing for the content mills if you did not upgrade your writing quality, did not learn anything new and Implemented the same.

Do you deserve to be called “Experienced” or “Expert”?

The word expert is often misused and a double-edged sword. Freelancers call themselves experts but forget to boil down their expertise.

Don’t be afraid to call yourself an expert in any “one” of the hundreds of categories of writing. You won’t lose ground nor the clients if you’re thinking that pinpointing will make “me stagnant”.

In fact, you’ll save money by not generalizing yourself, feel confident in any event or meetups and you’ll congratulate yourself for not spending thousands on marketing for misleading results.

Whereas, by channelizing your expertise in one niche you will help yourself learn more, talk more, share more and organize more on the chosen subject day after day eventually earning yourself a reputation, credibility, spouse, and lifestyle you always dreamt.

Suppose a doctor calling himself dentist by day, Nephrologist by noon and surgeon by night.

Got it?

It’s the right time to chose your niche, whether it is real estate, automobile review, parenting or even caption specialist.
Everyone is looking for “niche experts”.

Don’t lose your patience if you’re struggling to get your first breakthrough. Don’t you get bogged down by headlines, social media captions or TV ads?
A tagline can win you the customer and the right subject line can sell your high ticket copywriting service.

Get on the plan and demonstrate your proficiency in writing.
Start by fixing the fundamentals i.e. portfolio and profile. I won’t go into those fixtures.
Remember every problem has a boundary. The compromises you make to find your metrics and your spirits every morning will help you find a way out through those boundaries.

If you are still thinking, then hold on.

There are approx. 62 types ( update if I missed) of content writing which you can go through.

Listicles – like Buzzfeed
How To’s – Research driven content
Question and Answers – Quora and similar.
Why’s – Fact driven content.
Seo Articles.
Case Study.
Product Reviews.
Company and Industry news.
Entrepreneur news.
Book, Movie and soft copy reviews.
Personal Stories.
Audio Books.
White Paper.
Posters, Banners, Captions, Memes.
Comics, Cartoons, Illustrations.
Ads for Adwords and campaigns.
Courses eg. Udemy.
Website Content
Landing pages.
Company blogs.
Press Releases.
Contest, Challenges, Announcements, Quiz, Games, Polls, Surveys.
Magazine Articles.
Flyers, Brochures, Event boards.
Workshops, Live streams script, and content.
Presentation, Podcast, Live Chats.
General Blog post, Vlog post.
Audio posts.
Content Curation.
Guest post.
Content Syndication.
Social media post.
User-generated Content.
Comments, Forums, Community.
Ask Me anything scripts.
Good companies skip and Great Companies Implement these to get customers, sales, likes, and loyalty. Content is the king but all kings don’t survive nor leave a legacy.

But you can.

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