Time is money

Go From Being Economical to an Expensive Writer



   That feels and sounds like you. Right?

   Today, every word costs a dollar. 

Don’t give lessons easy, because you didn’t get them easy, you’ve earnt it.

Let your reader earn it too.  Don’t give all at once.

 Start with a “crunch”, set your voice; more interactive and interesting.

Nurture your reader- evolve with every paragraph, transform and cultivate the process of appreciation from within.

Readers should recognize the metamorphosis  – a cocoon to a butterfly.


That is the substance of quality- the moment of transition.

        You know what you are writing but the readers don’t.

Give them the journey and story to experience, a tangible visualization; something real. Set out to a journey with a vivid moment, a pinch of drama with relatable prospects. 

People don’t like being told; they want it to be shown. Show them the picture they can co-relate to.

Start strong. A moment when they can feel the pain points. 

Have a place where you can give them more.

Don’t say you’re original when you least use any original sentences.

     Instead, Give them four sentences they can die for.

Once you are set, you are granted to write long sentences.

Short and powerful is better than long and good. But, when it is long everything is quality because there is nothing that you can sacrifice, every sentence contributes, every word adds up, it hits your reader.

Thus, reading should be an emotional experience. A story well told. 

           Turn abstract into concrete. Cut the cliché with intense in-depth research, a bit of controversy is good, peppered with anecdotes. 

Zoom in and out to earn attention. Readers are here for self-interest, not for charitable reading. 

The central challenge posed by a writer is to trap readers’ consistent attention. 

In my experience, the greater challenge is to shape the content, accumulate strategic emotions and narrate so as to make the reader “buy” what you say. 

Write sentences that make the readers want more. The abundance of content lies in the bottom line of each paragraph that makes your copy the shareable. In Narration, 40% is persuasion, the 20% is building up the story and the rest 40% is keeping context on the track.


If writers are sharp, editors are the shark. 

If writers are creator, editors are the destroyer. 

                                        Stab them in the heart and make them laud you.