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Finding a new job after moving 101

Moving to a new place is already stressful enough. Add finding a new job into the mix, and it becomes even more challenging. Whether you’re looking for employment before or after you move, you’ll need some tips on how to approach this task. Thankfully, stumbling upon this article is a wonderful turn of events, as you’re about to learn all about finding work in a new city. We’ve prepared essential tips on the topic, so read on!

Start browsing the web

In this day and age, it seems Internet rules the world, and the same stands for the job market. No need flipping though ads in newspapers when a simple Google search offers many more choices. Still, not every link is going to land you a good-enough spot – you have to know where to look. The first thing that comes to mind is changing your geographic area on LinkedIn and browse the companies. Sites like Mediabistro or Dice can also be helpful when finding a new job, so take a peek there as well. Another way you can try searching for a job is by using social media. Contacting businesses and professionals in your field by Facebook or Google Plus can truly do wonders as well. A virtual conversation can serve as mental preparation for big life decisions, like landing the job of your dreams.

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Internet is a great place for finding a new job, so start there

Compare different companies before finding a new job

The Internet is a bottomless hole, which means you’ll likely find more than one satisfying job offer. That’s actually a good thing, as the more options you have, the more you’ll feel in control. Once you’ve separate the wheat from the chaff and you’re left with two or three top offers, it’s time to compare them. The important thing is not to hurry and if you know how to make your saving enough for 2020, you can afford to wait. Here’s what to look at when comparing the companies before finding a new job:

  • Overall rating and performance of the companies
  • Career opportunities and growth prospects
  • Flexibility and other benefits
  • Location (if travel time is important to you)
  • Culture & values
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Don’t be afraid to take more offers into consideration – it’s all about choices

Visit job fairs

So you’ve settled into your new home with the help of professional movers like verifiedmovers.com and now you’re ready for a job hunt. If the Internet doesn’t yield satisfying results, a good solution can be visiting job fairs. Everything from career forums to specialized events can be found in whatever area you’ve moved to, so do some research.

Prepare your resume and a short introduction and keep an open mind. Finding a new job has a lot to do with luck, not just expertise. If you aren’t feeling nervous about starting a new job, an opportunity will present itself. The key, however, is not to rush. Cut yourself some slack – after all, you’ve just moved here.

Consider temping

If the right opportunity doesn’t know on your door, you can pursue temporary work to start you off. It may not be as stable as a full-time job, but it will still be better than nothing, especially if you’re financially pinched. Try to see the positive side – part-time jobs are usually more flexible, which leaves you time to settle down and start looking for a permanent position. Finding a job, especially a temporary one, will be much simpler and you’ll start building a new network of professionals and hopefully even some friends. Good luck out there!