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What You Ought to Know about Marketing KPI’s for your Startup

  Every company has some kind of KPI with which it measures its goals, achievements, profit, and growth. It might be related to sales, marketing, or product development, but whatever the KPI, any organization can benefit from implementing this popular method. Before understanding how they can be useful for startups, it’s important to first understand […]

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Non-Existent Differently Abled Co-Working Spaces

Mandatory Requirements For Differently Abled Co-Working Spaces

Co-working spaces are not differently abled friendly. Why is no one talking about it? Co-working as a concept is still alien in India but several start-ups, businesses, and freelancers have jumped aboard into the co-working ship. It would never even occur to you or me that not everyone feels that way. Logic dictates that equality […]

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5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Agency SUCKS

5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Agency SUCKS

It is hard to find digital marketing agency which lives up to its name. If you feel that your digital marketing agency sucks, here are 5 signs that’ll help you determine it: Not involved in link building Most of the agencies are newcomers interested to make profit, by hook or by crook. Some 70% of […]

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Entrepreneurs! Tame Depression like a Tiger. Roar up.

Entrepreneurs! Tame Depression like a Tiger. Roar up.

The entrepreneurial world is rife with fears and anxieties, and perhaps even depression. As an entrepreneur, do you come across the word ‘depression’ often? You might be aware that depression isn’t a state of feeling sad when in isolation. You’re also stressed and anxious, plus these feelings prevent you from enjoying your favorite foods, pursuing […]

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Top 6 Business startup tips from classy writeups

Top 6 Business Startup Ideas

Have a great idea but very scarce money? Don’t let that hold you! Those that require it bad enough will secure it. Now, tens of thousands of men are thinking to commence a home-based business, and for immeasurable purposes. On medium, everybody can demand to have two and three occupations during their profession season. Those […]

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personal branding strategies

6 Personal Branding Strategies for 2018

  By now, it’s an established fact that personal branding is necessary for any business. First, you can see the road ahead in terms of personal development and set yourself up as a thought leader. It also brings about career success where individuals can pursue their passions. The close relationship between personal branding and career […]

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