How to pack in a punch on my first date with venture capitalists for maximum impact

Now that you’ve got your start-up going in the right direction with a workable idea, a basic team and a fledgling customer base, you will want to attract VC funding to further grow your business. It is natural to feel anxious about whether you will pass the test or fail. Some of you may already […]

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7 Big Time Money Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

You can face several complexities in terms of startup. You need to be sure that your starts up do not increase financial risk by taking capital or loans from wrongful sources. However good your products or services may be, they are irrelevant if you have not made proper financial decisions. It is always better to […]

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7 Instagram Strategies That Give Instant Wings to your Start-Up

Over the past decade or so, start-ups have sprouted like mushrooms, often with little context or perspective. Everybody seems to want to join the bandwagon before it gets too late. Everyone wants to be an entrepreneur. Everyone has a life-altering idea that can imbue the “Light” in a world brimming with darkness. Okay, time for […]

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