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Mental Preparation for Big Life Decisions

  Let’s for a moment imagine you have a job you are pretty satisfied with. The pay is good, the hours are fair, and the management is excellent. There is only one problem – it’s not your dream job. Your dream was never to be an office worker, helping others grow their business. No, you […]

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Discipline – The Harbinger of Lasting Transformation

Discipline – The Harbinger of Lasting Transformation

Practically everyone seems to be harried and hankering after the deceptively unknown these days. Yet, they end up feeling exhausted, agitated, anxious, overwhelmed, and of course, chronically dissatisfied. Amidst this entire cauldron, one thing perennially stands out tall as the shining beacon of hope as the potential gateway to hopefully, better things in life: Discipline […]

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Think about compassion and it conjures up a myriad of contradictory (and potentially erroneous) images, concepts and definition. The world that we live in and the situations we confront on a daily basis have a penchant for inundating our minds with concepts like: An emotional state triggered by recognizing and acknowledging unfortunate situations/events surrounding us […]

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