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Why Should You Create Original Content?

In 2011 when Google introduced the Panda Update. There was a major shift in SEO. The new algorithm targeted high-quality websites to appear on Google. This took the user experience a level up. However, it made low-quality content almost vanish from the search engine. Starting then it has been more important for the companies to […]

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Startup to scaleup – a step by step guide

Getting your startup to scale-up can be quite an adventure. But, be sure that this adventure will require a lot of time, money and energy. Moreover, this change is definitely not something that can happen overnight. But, if you notice that you have achieved all previously set goals, that you have strong cash flow and […]

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Move Over Brand Ambassadors, The Influencers Are Here

Introduction Consumers have become aware that celebrities can be bought with huge sums of money to endorse brands. And with thousands of advertisements all around us, they have grown to be fed up of traditional forms of endorsements as well. A PageFair survey tells us that 615 million people use AdBlock apps. So, while some […]

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