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A person holding a test tube for coronavirus.

Guide to hiring movers during global pandemic of covid-19

Coronavirus is something that we haven’t experienced and seen before. To make the tough circumstances even worst, the situation seems to be changing daily. These changes make it even more difficult to function. All our activities and routines have been readjusted to fit the new normal. So, relocation to a new home is no exception. […]

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A young man doing a handstand at a beach.

How to continue your workout routine after moving to Dubai

Moving to another country or city includes stepping out of your routine. A lot of changes happen, and people often find it hard to go back on track with their hobbies, sports activities, etc. And that’s okay – for a while. After some time, it’s time to continue where you left, but that’s not always […]

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A man carrying several cardboard boxes and thus risking to get some of the heavy lifting injuries.

How to protect against heavy lifting injuries?

Are you planning on moving soon? If you are, you should probably start thinking about protecting yourself against heavy lifting injuries! Yes, they are real! And most people realize that once they end up with a back injury, a joint injury or with lots of cuts and bruises. Thus, to protect yourself, you have two […]

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Preggers: People say this is Good News

  We, as little girls, always knew that babies were born through the vaginas of their mothers. We knew that the process was somewhat intimidating and painful. And we knew that there were these troublesome nine months, which the mothers continued to bring up, every time we were nasty with them. However, what we did […]

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