Top 6 Business Startup Ideas

Have a great idea but very scarce money? Don’t let that hold you! Those that require it bad enough will secure it. Now, tens of thousands of men are thinking to commence a home-based business, and for immeasurable purposes. On medium, everybody can demand to have two and three occupations during their profession season. Those […]

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First date: Free Speech or Diplomacy?

First dates are always tricky. One of everybody’s main concerns is: should I talk freely about anything or should I put a veto on some subjects? For example, let’s say you are dining with your new date and everything seems to be perfect. Suddenly, she comes out with the story of that friend who’s having […]

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best hours

The Right Time to Call your DATE

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personal branding strategies

6 Personal Branding Strategies for 2018

  By now, it’s an established fact that personal branding is necessary for any business. First, you can see the road ahead in terms of personal development and set yourself up as a thought leader. It also brings about career success where individuals can pursue their passions. The close relationship between personal branding and career […]

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How to pack in a punch on my first date with venture capitalists for maximum impact

Now that you’ve got your start-up going in the right direction with a workable idea, a basic team and a fledgling customer base, you will want to attract VC funding to further grow your business. It is natural to feel anxious about whether you will pass the test or fail. Some of you may already […]

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7 Big Time Money Mistakes Startups Should Avoid

You can face several complexities in terms of startup. You need to be sure that your starts up do not increase financial risk by taking capital or loans from wrongful sources. However good your products or services may be, they are irrelevant if you have not made proper financial decisions. It is always better to […]

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How networking can give your start-up an edge

The East India Company gained a complete foothold in India after an initial foray in 1612, to ultimately pave the path for a gradual occupation by the British Empire by 1858. They did this through a web of collaborations with influential locals and befriended many royals to further their business interests. This is a living […]

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7 evergreen strategies all entrepreneurs should implement

Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Walt Disney was spot on. However, there are millions on entrepreneurs who dream big and go out of their comfort zones to live that dream. But the path less traveled is the path ridden with obstacles. An entrepreneur is not someone who […]

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Lead generation

Personalized Lead Generations: The Story Every Marketer Needs to Know

The online world is the face of the new age business and revenue generation. It is a tree that is sown, planted and nurtured. If your online business is the tree, lead generation is akin to the process of watering the tree. It is a process that needs labor patience, but the rewards are more […]

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social media

5 Benefits of Using Paid Social Media Management Service

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