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Best cities for young professionals in Asia

It is well known that young people are very willing to move while in their early twenties. Especially people who are living in small towns and cities where opportunities for employment and growth are limited. Nowadays, millennials and young professionals are largely gravitating towards Asia. However, this is not a big surprise since Asian cities have a lot to offer to young people who are in pursuit of cultural growth and career advancement. To help you out and to get you informed, we listed some of our favorite cities for young professionals in Asia. Maybe we will spark up your imagination enough to send you packing.

Factors that played a role in choosing the best cities for young professionals in Asia

Asia is full of impressive and large cities, but we had to determine some criteria that will play a vital role in choosing our favorites. After all, young people are looking for places where they can experience personal growth, interact with different cultures, have a rich social life and work on bettering their careers. In order to accomplish this, many are willing to move internationally. So, here are the factors that made our list. These criteria make up a group of great reasons to move after college.

The economic strength of the city

The economy dictates many crucial factors linked to the job market. A strong economy will support large salaries, a strong job market, low unemployment rates, etc. A powerful economy is a great reason to look for a new home to one of our favorite Asian cities.

Costs of living

This factor is very important, especially for younger people that do not have a whole lot of savings. Starting off your careers translates into closely watching your expenses and valuing every penny. Costs of living include rent prices, grocery prices, possible restaurant bills and other similar expenses that cross our path every day.

A gold piggy bank with a gray background.

Young people tend not to have a lot of savings, so they need to aim to move to cities that have low costs of living.

Quality of life

This very important fact gets neglected by young individuals. Of course, this shouldn’t be the case. Quality of life includes crime rates, health standards, pollution, etc.

Young professionals, this is where you should be

Based on already explained factors we made a short but sweet list of cities that show the most potential for millennials and young individuals. Once you choose the best options for yourself, we are sure you will have a smooth relocation.

Singapore, Singapore

This city takes the cake on every single list of best cities in Asia. It is especially known for great chances in career development and high quality of life. Because of the booming economy, this is no surprise. To make things even better, unemployment rates are 2.2%. This would be the ultimate low. These facts alone make Singapore the ultimate champion between our best cities for young professionals. Yet, that wouldn’t be all. Crime rates are unbelievably low and pollution percentages are barely detectable. Start packing and book a ticket! Singapore awaits you. Transporting your vehicle overseas from Saudi Arabia or any other country would be a great idea. This way it will be easier to jump start your apartment and job search once you arrive.

Tokyo, Japan  

Our silver medal goes to the capital of Japan. Tokyo has a very solid balance between a powerful economy and fairly affordable costs of living. All characteristics of our silver city fall just a few steps behind Singapore. The unemployment rate is very low. It barely reaches 2.5%, which means that job hunting for newcomers shouldn’t be too hard. In addition, another very important fact is that residents of Tokyo spend up to 27% on rent. This implies that a nice chunk of their pay is left for other things. Young people tend to enjoy the culture and the food that this world-renowned city has to offer.

A street in Tokyo covered with streetwalkers.

Japan is the only country that has two representatives on our list.

Hong Kong

This city is a champion when it comes to the quality of life. That is one of the main reasons why it appears on our list and why I deserved the bronze medal. To be more specific, in Hong Kong life expectancy has an average of 84.2 years. On the contrary, the child mortality rate is as low as 0.27%. Both of these statistics are extremely impressive and almost unheard of. It is safe to say that the health care system should get a big gold star. However, we must mention one very important fact. Hong Kong tends to be very expensive. Therefore, if you decide to move there, you should have a nice chunk of change in your bank account.

Guangzhou, China

This well known Chinses city secured its spot on our list by having extremely low costs of living. The residents spend only 22% of their salary check on their rent. Oh, and can you believe that the average price of beer at a restaurant comes up to $1.22? It cannot get much cheaper than that. But, we must point out that there is a downside when moving to Guangzhou. The pollution factor is pretty high in comparison to other cities for young professionals.

Melbourne, Australia

Ok, we know that Australia isn’t Asia, but some of its cities are great for young professionals. Even though Melbourne is one of the largest cities in Australia, it is known to be low in pollution. All world-recognized pollution agencies confirm this very fact. Therefore, the quality of life is deemed to be at a very high level. When you add the fact that it is very affordable to live in, no wonder Melbourne appears between the best cities for young professionals.  Unfortunately, there is a bit of a downside. Unemployment rates are very high in comparison to other cities on our list. The rates are double in comparison to Singapore and Tokyo. Consequently, don’t expect your job hunt to go smoothly once you move to the Land Down Under.

Ocean near Melbourne with waves hitting huge rocks

The beautiful nature around Melbourne gives us a great idea of how clean the air is around it.

Only you can know which choice is best for you

Now that you know all the best cities for young professionals and millennials you will have to make the choice on your own. We provided general information that is crucial for young people that are just beginning their life away from college. However, only you can know what exactly fits your needs and desires. Either way, all these cities have a bunch to offer. We are sure that any of them will supply you with an abundance of great memories and priceless experience.