Ways to make your content more engaging

9 Ways to make your content more engaging

As the reach of the Internet spreads further into our lives, the competition for your website audience increases. For this reason, it is imperative that the content you upload onto your site is so engaging that it stands out from anything else.

This demand of having engaging content is becoming a humungous challenge in an age when our attention spans are reducing. Readers will give you just a few seconds to engage with your content, after which it may be difficult to draw them back to your post.

That’s why marketers invest heavily in content for which they must get their maximum ROI.

For digital writers, the challenge is fierce and continuous as this isn’t a fleeting trend, but one that’s here to stay. However, it isn’t difficult to achieve, if you follow some or all of the techniques that can get you across with engaging content:

#1. Embed videos into your content: Reports prove that if you add in videos to your content, you stand to attract three times more links than those without videos. This doesn’t mean that you create videos but that you curate some good examples that match your content topic.

By reaching out to your audience with videos, you will attract a very large and vibrant audience as videos now are the most shareable of all types of media.

With smartphones’ capabilities growing, viewing videos on the go is commonplace. So, for you, it is a great platform to convert your content into something really engaging.

#2. Add links into your posts: Instead of giving your readers mindless paras and paras of text, add in clickable links to break the monotony of dry text and enliven their minds. Suddenly, your posts become more engaging because you ask your audience to click the link in the text.

Also called “click-baiting,” this technique has proven to get more engagement from your posts. However, don’t add in a link for the sake of it, but for enriching your post quality. If your audience is disappointed, they won’t return to read your following posts and you will lose out on valuable or a potentially loyal audience.

#3. Introduce humorous photos in your content: Humour is a great icebreaker and can be successfully used to urge your audience to share your content.

Ways to make your content more engaging

The ‘feel good’ factor that they experience is enough for them to share the feeling with others, thus growing your audience’s numbers. However, it’s important to keep the humour natural rather than forced. If there’s humour in your photos, share them.

#4. Optimize your content: When you optimize your content for search engines to crawl it, you rank better on their lists and your visibility increases when more people click your article and read it. Limit your keywords to three or so, so that your content is effective.

For text content, you need to add images and videos, and use keywords in the title, headings and overall summary. Ensure that you add in keywords into the ALT tags, file names and meta descriptions.

#5. Make sure you respond to your readers’ comments: Encourage your readers to take part in a health debate or lively discussion by responding to comments and follow-up questions.

9 Ways to make your content more engaging

To make your readers participate, ask them to jump into the discussion, this will show them just how much you care for them and their opinions. On your part, it becomes important for you to respond to readers’ comments and shares, when done across a variety of digital channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

#6. Involve the community: You can involve your reading community to make your content engaging by making them participate in your content strategy. You can do this by inviting them to write for your blog and adding in “tweetables” to enable them to join in the conversation.

#7. Become a No. 1 among your readers: If yours is a news blog and you present breaking news for your audience, not only will they share it with all they know but they will keep coming back to you for more content.

Once you gain the title of being ahead of the others in news dissemination and you give your readers useful information, they will see you as a reliable and trusted news resource. Being considered trustworthy is a great asset for your business that will only take you forward.

#8. If your content is unique, it will be shared: It’s not only a No. 1 blog site that’s honoured, but also one that displays unique content in a particular niche. If it’s educative, so much the better!

Add to that if there’s some newness to your post, readers will keep coming back to read your latest posts.

For this to happen, you need to introduce some new learning to your audience, give them niche advice and tips that they can use. Customize your content to make it unique, let it speak directly to the reader and provide him with information that will improve his life.

#9. Write in a friendly, conversational tone: Write in a natural tone, as if you’re speaking to your invisible audience. The more natural it reads (and sounds), the easier it will flow and the quicker you strike a chord in your reader.


Instead of waiting to get to know your audience and their likes and dislikes, it’s better to go with these nine techniques of making your content more engaging.

From the results you get, you can adjust your content strategy and go with their wants and achieve the success you both want and deserve.