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6 Personal Branding Strategies for 2018


By now, it’s an established fact that personal branding is necessary for any business. First, you can see the road ahead in terms of personal development and set yourself up as a thought leader. It also brings about career success where individuals can pursue their passions. The close relationship between personal branding and career success has the potential to make a person soar to unbelievable heights.

When your image receives a huge boost, it automatically opens doors of opportunities for you. You also learn to handle not just yourself but others too. With the intersection of branding and entrepreneurial success comes to the fore.

Here are six innovative personal branding strategies that can take your product and you to new heights:

  1. Start a weekly email newsletter: A newsletter is a good way of keeping your followers in the loop of the latest trends and news of your industry. It should connect with your brand and yet touch on a few topics every week.To pique the reader’s attention, a change of topics each week would certainly help. You can use this platform to get plenty of emails from which you can draw the necessary information for your newsletter. You can also use the newsletter medium to market any future ventures while driving home the awareness of your personal brand.
  1. Use Facebook Live to promote your personal branding: With people spending at 12-14 hours a day online, it has become easier for products and services to be marketed digitally. One of the most cost-effective and widely reached avenues is Facebook Live, a feature of Facebook that provides live streaming video capabilities.

          You can use it to promote your branding in these ways:

  • Have a strategy in place and a backup plan too.
  • Recognize your competition which you will also see on Facebook Live. Be prepared for it and do all you can to beat them at their own game.
  • Customers can see live demos on a product or service’s capabilities, enabling potential and loyal customers to participate in it and further personify their relationship. It also calls for a customer’s comments on the product demonstrated, so the company can successfully reach out and get new customers.
  • On Facebook Live, entrepreneurs can provide important information about their business and themselves. They can explain how their product or service will help the end user and the reason for coming up with it. You should set yourself apart from other similar businesses so that your new and existing customers know yours is not a me-too product. Image-building is necessary here since your business is personal.
  • Update your customers not just about your brand, but also about your own ideas and opinions. This gives people the image you want them to have, but always be humble, simple and to the point.
  • Organize events on Facebook Live and its other services to promote your brand. Set an event, invite guests and publish updates. By this means, you can climb the competition ladder.
  1. Use Instagram to build your strategy: If your audience responds to visuals, you should take the Instagram to build your personal branding strategy. Though it does not have any way of uploading posts, you can still build awareness around your brand by increasing traffic to your site and increasing sales. One way of doing this is to give people a chance to meet the real you.

           You can do this in these ways:

  • Be yourself. That’s the only way people can see the real you as this will fetch you the right target audience.
  • Choose one theme for your posts and stick with it.
  • To catch more eyeballs, use hashtags and wisely too. In fact, you should limit them to about 4-8 per picture.
  • Aim to get new visitors to your blog. For each blog that you publish, make a mention of your website or blog so that people can soon be your loyal customers.
  • Use geotags so that your content is shared with others and they can link up with your audience and so build a strong personal brand. This will help you get more opportunities to share your content at national parks, large hotels, convention centres and famous restaurants.
  • Improve your photos with apps. To be visible on Instagram, upload beautiful photos. To improve their quality, download a few apps so that you can use them to make your photos look natural.
  1. Post long articles on LinkedIn. If you want to increase your LinkedIn audience, offering them with long-form articles goes a long way. Entrepreneurs who want to be seen and heard in the right circles should definitely get on to LinkedIn since it has a very large and diverse audience. The audience here is not just large but engage with content more than before. Rewrite content, target it to your profile and use comments to start a conversation and set yourself up as an authority in your line of business.                                                                                                                                                                                                          
  2. Join in Twitter chats or begin your own. When it comes to business, Twitter is an important platform as it allows you to have your say and gives you the chance to respond. Through this medium, many companies respond directly to their customers and offer them valuable feedback on pertinent issues. You might choose to participate in a hot issue that’s trending at the moment or you might like to begin one of your own, either way people are getting to know you. You can also answer questions and help project yourself and your personal brand as strong and dependable.                                                                                                                                                                          
  3. Set up your distinctive personal website. It would help immensely to have a personal website that could help your personal brand. You can use the site to direct visitors to your line of products and services and to make inbound inquiries about your forthcoming ventures. All you need to do is to create a simple About Us page and blog. Blog here consistently and share all the content there on your personal social media profiles. When your brand is built due to these efforts, you’ll know you’re in the right direction.

There are perhaps many more strategies out there to build your personal brand, but by working at these through 2018, you could bring the kind of awareness to your product or service that you never thought possible.