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5 things to do before moving into your new Washington DC rental

Moving into a new home is almost always the same – whether you’ve moved many times so far, or you’re just starting a life on your own. There’s always packing, stress and new environments to adjust to. That’s why a simple guide like this will help you stay more organized and move a lot safer. Here are 5 things to do before moving into your new Washington DC rental – for a smooth relocation.

Find out more about your new home

Before moving into your new Washington DC rental, make sure you find out more about it. This will help you adjust faster and start living normally as soon as possible. To help you out, we’ve gathered a list of things you should know before moving to Washington DC:

Washington DC rentals

Moving into your new Washington DC rental is an exciting new chapter – why not be ready for it?

  • It’s quite expensive – Washington DC has a high cost of living. Taxes on many purchases are a bit higher than in some neighboring states, and many wealthy residents choose D.C. as their new home.
  • You’ll probably ditch your car – If you have a car, you’ll probably let it go after moving into your new Washington DC rental. There are a couple of reasons for it – the traffic can be very busy, parking is expensive, and driving around can take away a lot of your time. That’s why many people choose Metro or Uber, as well as buses for their daily commutes.
  • Culture is (almost) free – one of the advantages of living in D.C. is being able to visit famous museums free of charge. You can enjoy many cultural events all year round for free, and take your friends/family who come to visit. Furthermore, the city is all about history – and not just about the history of presidents.
  • As the government is a big part of the city, it results in the dress code of most residents being slightly conservative and formal. So, unless you have a job in a casual-style company, you can expect to blend in and start dressing more formally.
  • There are a lot of tourists – if you’ve never lived in a city that’s popular among tourists, moving into your new Washington DC rental might be a shock. Tourists can slow you down if you’re running to work, as they like to go sightseeing and take pictures all around the city. However, don’t forget to be friendly in these situations, as Washington D.C. is an important landmark for both the USA residents and international visitors.

When moving into your new Washington DC rental – start fresh

Moving into a new place should be a new life chapter. That’s why it’s important to start fresh – one of the ways to do it is to clean the place thoroughly and paint the walls. As you’re moving into a rental, talk to your landlord if he allows you do personalize the apartment. If you want, you can add some wallpapers – they are easy to apply and take off, and will add a personal touch to your new place.

Another important thing when moving in is to clean everything in detail. If you’re too busy to do it, taking professional cleaning services might be a good idea. This will help you move into a spotlessly clean space for a fresh new start.

Update your address

Moving to a new place means you should update your address wherever it’s necessary. It important to do this before moving into your new Washington DC rental, so you can start functioning properly right after the move. Here’s what you shouldn’t forget:

  • mail– update your address and see where you should collect your mail in the future. Do you have a mail slot at your apartment door, or is it a building mailbox, etc.
  • online shopping address – don’t forget your online shopping website. update your address so you can receive the deliveries without problems.
  • utilities–talk to your landlord about setting up utilities. This should be done before you move in, so you can start functioning properly right after the move.
A keyring and a pair of keys you will get after moving into your new Washington DC rental.

Switching to a new address after moving into your new Washington DC rental takes a couple of steps – finish everything before you move in!

Consider storage

Moving into a smaller apartment doesn’t need to mean giving up on your items. If you’re downsizing, consider taking storage for stuff you don’t need immediately, or your seasonal items, hobby supplies, etc. This can be safely stored in a unit while not eating up space in your apartment.  Therefore, your move-in process will be much easier and faster.

Bonus tip: when moving into your new Washington DC rental, try to make it as easier as possible. Hiring professional movers is the best option to reduce stress and relocate as safely as possible. Pros like excalibur-movers.com will ensure a quick move, with your items safely packed and protected during transport. Also, learn additional ways to save time when moving to make the process faster.

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Pros can help you move and reduce stress to a minimum.

Packing for your new place

The way you pack your items is a huge factor in lowering or increasing the stress during the move. That’s why we prepared a couple of useful tips when packing for moving into your new Washington DC rental:

  • start packing on time – to avoid moving in a hurry and making mistakes along the way, start your packing process on time.
  • protect yourself – learn how to protect against heavy-lifting injuries while moving.
  • protect valuables – dedicate special time and effort into packing fragile and valuable items. Losing or damaging them will only increase the costs of your move and make more mess.
  • label your moving boxes – it’s a great idea to write what’s inside each box. This way, you’ll find items much faster, without having to go through all the boxes.
  • pack first-night kit – pack a box of essentials for the first night after moving into your new Washington DC rental. Include everything you’ll need for the first night/day in your new flat, so you don’t need to unpack all the boxes.