5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Agency SUCKS

5 Signs Your Digital Marketing Agency SUCKS

It is hard to find digital marketing agency which lives up to its name. If you feel that your digital marketing agency sucks, here are 5 signs that’ll help you determine it:

  1. Not involved in link building

Most of the agencies are newcomers interested to make profit, by hook or by crook. Some 70% of such companies outsource their work of link building to an inexpensive country for the purpose of cutting costs. The work will be done in a really shady manner. Moreover, once the work is done, these companies lose contact with these link builders and any new modifications will be done by someone else. In this manner, your project was never backed by a professional person.

  1. Getting the wrong people at work

If you find that the people you meet at the digital marketing agency are really good at sales, guess what? In recent times, it has been seen that most SEO companies do not hire the brightest professionals in the field. Instead they hire minds with sales skills and basic knowhow of SEO. So what do you expect from a salesperson who is a novice at digital marketing? This has to be the case with at least 50% of the prevailing firms in the industry.

  1. Lack of a system

The digital marketing companies, which claim to be the gems of the industry, have a process or procedure for each & everything. Even the minimalist of the things in the firm has a standard procedure. But, in the rest 90% of the firms, work is prioritized on risk basis. The work which is much of a risk is given first priority. The lack of adopting a refined SEO methodology makes these firms vulnerable. It’s high time you look for a decent digital marketing agency, if your agency does not follow standard SEO procedures or framework.

  1. Deception

Deception is definitely the trend of the industry. At least 70%, of the digital marketing agencies trade in lies. They guarantee rankings to their customers as if the client craves for it. Surely, ranking does matter to a business. But, ranking isn’t the right metric to rate the performance of your agency. Literally, anyone can rank a business without creating a positive impact about the business. Quality traffic that includes potential buyers directed to your business, is the right measure to rate the calibre of your agency.

  1. Their portfolio sucks

An agency should be recognized by the work they have accomplished. If their work portfolio speaks very low of themselves, there are high chances that it might be true. A weak client portfolio indicated absence of customer satisfaction and a sheer lack of dedication to the work assigned. A good agency on the other hand should have a strong client portfolio of more than 60% of client satisfaction.

Thus, these are the signs that will surely help you determine the calibre of your  marketing  agency