5 Reasons why Brooklyn Heights is one of the coolest neighborhods in New York City

As you’re probably thinking about moving, there is a tough decision to make. What’s the place that offers everything you need – home, entertainment, job opportunities, favorite restaurants, etc. Even though a lot of places in NYC offer a lot of fun, we wanted to find the one that really stands out. Have you ever considered moving to Brooklyn Heights? It’s definitely one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City – and here’s why. Let’s go through the five reasons why Brooklyn Heights should be your next home.

This neighborhood is the perfect mix of peaceful and energetic

One of the main reasons why Brooklyn Heights is one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City is its versatility. The place is popular among people of different ages and aspirations since it offers something for everyone. From peaceful homes are streets full of trees, you can also choose to live in a much more energetic part of the neighborhood. Therefore, Brooklyn Heights is an amazing option if you are a young professional looking for a job, or you need to move with your family.

Why pay more?

Probably the biggest issue for those living in NYC or planning to move there are the finances. New York is one of the most expensive places in the country, so when finding a new home every dollar and square meter counts. That’s why one of the reasons why Brooklyn Heights is one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City is the possibility to pay less for housing and still live close to everything you need. The attractive location doesn’t need to cost as much as in Manhattan, for example. And even if you pay the same rent – you’ll definitely move into a bigger home. However, if you’re downsizing or simply need more space – it’s a good idea to find safe storage to rent when moving here. It’s a much simpler option that saves a lot of space in your home.

A small  wooden house on a calculator.

If you want a bigger home for less – Brooklyn Heights is a more affordable option than Manhattan.

The location

If you’re a young professional moving to NYC for work, you’re probably eying some top companies in Manhattan. However, renting a place there is quite expensive, so Brooklyn Heights is a great alternative. The commute is quite easy – you can be in Midtown Manhattan in 20-30 minutes. You can choose from a couple of very useful subway lines and trains to reach any part of NYC with ease. And if you want to have a walk on a sunny day – just go over the Brooklyn Bridge to reach the city. Neat, right?

You can enjoy outdoors – more than in any other place in NYC

As we mentioned before, Brooklyn Heights offers something for everybody. Apart from the city vibe, you can enjoy outdoor activities any time you want –with an amazing view of the city. Check out some great things to do in Brooklyn Heights, to make sure you can have fun any time you want. Even though Central Park is probably the most popular option in NYC – let’s not forget the Brooklyn Bridge Park right at your door. It’s a favorite place of Brooklyn Heights residents, along with other parks in Brooklyn, like Prospect Park, Fort Green Park, etc. This is an amazing feature (and very rare to find in NYC), especially if you’re moving with kids or have a pet.

Brooklyn Bridge and people moving towards Brooklyn Heights.

It’s not difficult to understand why Brooklyn Heights is one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City – it’s so close to all the top attractions in the city.

Food is amazing

If you are a foodie – you definitely shouldn’t miss this place. One of the reasons why Brooklyn Heights is one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City is the number of nice restaurants. Places of various food types and styles are difficult to visit if you’re spending just a couple of days here. But if you move to Brooklyn Heights, you can plan your restaurant visits and truly enjoy some great cuisines.

Furthermore, if you are somebody who likes to cook and experiment with food – you’ll love it here. You can shop for locally made food and spices on markets in Brooklyn Heights. So, right after you move, head to one of these places and you’ll feel like a local right away!

Ready to move to one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City?

If you’ve made the decision to move to Brooklyn Heights – it’s time to start planning the relocation. Depending on the size and time frame of your move, you should start as early as possible. A good plan will help you overcome common moving challenges, and relocate stress-free. Here are some more tips on moving to this lovely neighborhood of NYC.

Plan your budget

Relocations get expensive. Don’t spend more than necessary by planning your moving budget, getting a precise moving estimate, and saving wherever you can.

Let a local pro help you

If you’re not a professional yourself – hiring someone to help you move is a must for a stress-free move. A trustworthy local company as U. Santini Moving and Storage NYC knows the drill about moving around NYC and avoiding the most common problems and challenges.

Make a simple home

Relocation is the perfect moment to make a simpler home that is more spacious and comfortable. Remove all the clutter before you pack and help yourself in many ways – from creating more space to reducing moving costs.

A family moving into a new home and unpacking.

Why not use the chance and create a more comfortable home when moving?

Use the technology to make your move faster and easier

Technology can help a lot when moving, and save you a lot of time and money. You can use it in a couple of ways during relocation:

  • buy packing supplies online to save time
  • sell things online – for example, items you don’t need anymore and want to get rid of before moving
  • Sign documents electronically
  • organize your move with a useful app
  • take pictures of items and make a virtual inventory

With a proper organization and planning in advance, as well as the help of a pro, your move should be a breeze. And the less stress you experience, the faster you will able to see why Brooklyn Heights is one of the coolest neighborhoods in New York City and enjoy your new home.