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Weaving magic into words brings out different hues of emotions that collaborate to form beautiful messages. There’s nothing a couple of words sewn together can’t do. Keeping this in mind, we at ClassyWriteups believe in providing the best writing content to our clients. Name any industry and we have paddled in it just a bit to know the predictions of that industry. Be it blogging, writing product reviews, building up content for ad campaigns on social media, writing for travel blogs, translations to many regional languages, handling press releases, editing and proof reading for books/e books and many more such endeavors have got us clients across the globe. With every passing day, we are working towards giving our clients the best to help them get across many publishing platforms. Take a look at our work on our website ie, www.classywriteups.com. It has been our privilege to work with many international clients.


Article writing

Article writing is one of the most important aspects of almost every online marketing campaign. It helps achieve several goals such as: Help the targeted audience to better understand the values and benefits of some product or service. Bring attention to a certain cause or social issue It is the cornerstone of any SEO campaign. It helps search engines rank web pages. It gives people an opportunity to express themselves. Sales or Landing Pages

Reference landing pages

Online newsletters are delivered vie –e-mail and their purpose is to keep the subscribers inform and updated on certain products, services, social and community events, and so on. Also, another goal of newsletter writing is to generate sales. According to many experienced online marketers newsletter writing is one of their most effective tools for generating sales. Furthermore, a newsletter can be send to any number of people and it costs only a fraction of what other marketing strategies cost.

Copy Writing

Copy writing is what every good marketing strategy is about. The better and more creative the copywriter the more successful the marketing campaign will be. The goal of copy writing is to create content that will gain the attention of the visitor and help him/her form an opinion about certain product or service. The copywriters or content managers as they like to call themselves are responsible for writing emails, lead pages, PR Releases, brochures, white papers and other types of web content. Every successful SEO strategy revolves around the skills and creativity of the copywriter.

Creative writing

Creative writing is all about sending the right message in front of the targeted audience. The primary goal of creative writing is to convey certain message in a comprehensible and persuasive way to the targeted audience. This type of writing goes outside the norms of traditional journalistic, professional, technical, academic or other forms of literature writing. The copywriter is the one who handles copy writing and from decides about the style of the content and how it will be presented in front of the audience.

Web Content

Web content is what attracts audience to certain web site. The web content can be in textual, video, audio, animation or any other format presented on the website. The more appealing the web content is to the visitor the better the chances to gain his trust and turn that visit into a lead. Furthermore, the web content is another important aspect of every SEO effort. Not only that it needs to be appealing to the visitors but it needs to be friendly to the search engines as well.


The editor plays one of the most significant roles in any successful content management effort. The editor is the final filter that makes sure that the content is presentable to the visitors. He makes additional changes and gives the green light to the content managers. A professional editor will make sure that the content meets the high standards of the company, there are no grammatical or punctuation errors and that the writer followed the guidance and style approved by a senior copywriter.

Brochures writing

For many people the brochure presents the image of the company and it can convey a strong message about the company, brand or cause that it represents. Brochures writing main goal is providing content for brochures on various services, products or causes. The primary goal of a brochure is to sell a product, a service, a concept or even a corporate image. One company can have brochures for each of its services or products. There is no limit to how many brochures can a company have.

Blogs Writing

Blogs writing is people’s favorite form of expressing their opinion about their topics of interest. Blog writing gives voice to everyone that wants to share his thoughts on something and because of that many companies have accepted blogging as a way to communicate with their client base. Popular blogs not only that form opinions and set trends but can drive plenty of online traffic. In addition to that blogs are always ranked well with search engines and make great contribution to SEO efforts.

E-books writing

E-book writing is one of the most affordable and most popular ways to establish credibility in certain niche. With the rise of the popularity of the tablets, e-books have become even more popular and gained large audience. However, writing a successful e-book require certain skills and experience in writing as well as knowledge how to properly format one. Plus, it’s always recommended the-e-book to be edited by professional editor who is experienced in that area.


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We’re dedicated to providing a top quality service to our many customers. We know that everyone is different, so we’re committed to being as flexible as possible and fitting in around your unique needs. No matter what sort of writing service you want, Classy Write-ups can provide it. Blog posts? No problem. We’re experts in hundreds of different fields and specialities, meaning that we can write blog posts on a range of topics. Need an e-book? We love to work on longer projects like e-books, which are a great way to promote your business expertise. Web content is one of the things we do best. Whether you need a top quality landing page that perfectly expresses what you do, or a pitch perfect sales page that converts clicks into cash- we’re the content provider for you. We’re also happy to write an entire website for you to ensure your site has a unified tone and style throughout. We also offer bespoke article writing services, creative writing options, leaflet and brochure copy and newsletter writing. If you have existing copy that you want to tweak, we’re very happy to do that too. We offer great value editing and proofreading packages to suit any budget. Our writing services are designed to provide you with an unparalleled return on investment. Our prices are extremely competitive and offer fantastic value for money. Get in touch today for a carefully tailored quote. You won’t regret it!

Our Amazing Team

Jo Jeffries

Senior Copywriter and Editor

University educated, and life-schooled writer Jo Jeffries has been writing copy for some years. Originally a proofreader, her attention to detail and creative talents have been applied to web copy, press releases and blog articles alike. Whilst Jo cites her preference as working on well-researched articles, she is equally suited to SEO optimised copy and has taken online courses to gain a background in SEO and content marketing in order for her to be able to deliver quality copy, whatever the subject.


Social Media Marketing Expert

She has worked with tons of clients perfecting their social presence. In her past time adventure, startups and sports keeps her busy.

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