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Who We Are

We have a penchant for mindful exploration that unlocks tangible value. With a panache for offering quality content services that actually make a difference, we have grazed our services on all turfs including but not limited to blogging, product reviews, ad campaigns, travel blogs, translations, press releases, editing and proofreading for books/EBooks and much more. Our clientele stands strong and bears testimony to out commitment to excellence with several international names, which imparts a cutting-edge. We are happy campers and at the same time hungry for new challenges to surmount.


Expressive. Experimental. Imaginative.

We adhere to these three timeless principles in our endeavour to deliver unmatched content to all our clients with effortless efficacy.


Article writing

We empower you to display your product/service through interesting, user-friendly articles. Be it interactive magazine-type or a review article, we churn out top-notch content after thorough calibrated research. We have a penchant for giving your business a competitive edge, which is why we are trusted.

Reference landing pages

Reference landing pages, as the name suggests, are fundamental to getting your product seen and studied by your clients. This can help generate sales and higher conversion rates, but ask us the key to achieving these goals? It's pure A-grade content, which is what we're here for.

Copy Writing

Copywriting is the crux of every winning marketing strategy. To gain more eyeballs on your product, it is imperative that your marketing campaign should be of that specific niche. Our copywriters strive to stir every impactful witty-one- liner there is, to turn your campaign into a success.

Creative writing

Creative Writing can be challenging in that it requires a different type of skill set that will make your product make the right noises. Given the creative nature of this content, it can have a much strong impact, when done correctly. We at Classywriteups have a repository of ideas that keeps our creative juices flowing.

Web Content

In this Digital Age, website is the undisputed king. Any potential customer or even a lay user will check your website first before taking a call on what next to do. If your web content is any less than (for lack of a better word) interesting, their instinctive reaction will be to leave the page. To that end, we undertake targeted efforts in creating content that resonates and communicates with your audience in a manner that they find interesting.


Our dexterous editing team makes your content readable and precise. The content is passed on to a professional editor who ensures that it is of an acceptable standard. Finally, our Senior Copywriter refurbishes it further and gives it a go ahead!

Wikipedia page Writing & Editing

A Wikipedia page serves as a face of any business or personal brand, showcasing its many products and services to the audience on the first page of Google search engine separates you from others. For a brand to sell, a wikipedia page should be adequate and informative.

Blogs Writing

It is a given that almost anybody with internet and computer access can a blogger in-the-making. Blogging is one of the most talked about yet least understood strategy of monetization your business strategy. At Classywriteups, we provide quality blogging services that is congruent with your long-term vision and catapults your brand value.

E-books writing

E-book writing is one of the most effective ways to establish credibility across niches. However, ebook writing is a specialized art that requires creativity, an eye for detail and most importantly - a story to share that makes a difference in your life. Well, we accommodate all of that and so much more.


Your Story

Content Writing

The Startup Journal

Content Writing

Content Writing

Notice website

Content Writing

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Content Writing

10000startups website

Content Writing

About Us

We, at ClassyWriteUps, are passionate about our writing. Each day for us here is a new beginning of a new chapter, and through our highly-tailored content we like to make these chapters worth reading. From our inception to this day, our only goal is to achieve new boundaries in writing. (And occasionally breaking them, if need be) Through our widespread clientele, we have accumulated diverse experience that has made us pioneers of new writing styles and structures. Our team is well-spoken, well-read and well researched which allows us to weave magic through our words. We offer you a wide range of services designed for an equitable return of your investments.

"Trust is earned when action meets words" - Chris Butler.

The truth symbolizes and encapsulates the essence of who we are and what we do at ClassyWriteups, your one-stop-shop for creating magic (not illusion) with words that know how to walk the talk.

Based out of Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of the East, we pride ourselves in producing top-notch content across diverse turfs to serve an every-growing list of thoroughly satisfied international clientele by delivering measurable results. Almost every other article writer in Bangalore commands their fair share of respect because of the city's relevance in the parlance of technology's happy union with content.

Our niches

The beauty about Classywriteups lies in our penchant to develop niches within a specific niche. Be it about honing the skills of a website content writer or nurturing the expertise and competence necessitated by a Wikipedia page editor, we know how to cover all bases with purpose and panache.
It is our commitment to excellence that espouses our larger goal of customer-satisfaction, something which has catapulted our reputation as being one of the most dependable torchbearers of website content writing in India.

Array of offerings

Classywriteups provides a wide range of comprehensive content-based services, which includes:
  • Web content writing
  • Ebook writing
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Persuasive writing
  • Brochures
  • Copy Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Landing pages
  • Blogging
  • Ghostwriting

What sets us apart

Understanding the mindset of our customer: It is an established fact that most internet users have a miniscule attention span of 10-30 seconds. This means that if they don't find any information/content useful or manages to hold their attention, they will simply begin to look elsewhere.
Over the years, we have developed the knack of capturing the all-important 10-30 second bracket using truly captivating words that engages your potential readers and make them stay. This enables us to retain a competitive edge over our rivals and imbibe practical meaning to the role of a content writer in India.

Influencers and Technology identifiers: Another trait that sets us apart is our ability to identify the rise and uptake of future technology when no one else does. For instance, we created a solid base of credible information about the cutting-phenomenon of Bitcoin in 2009. At that time, the term was little-known and only managed to pique some curiosity.
However, we went one step further and actually produced quality articles on the same, making pertinent predictions which actually came true. To identify and tap a futuristic technology when no one has a clue necessitates foresight and anticipative abilities, something that we love to inculcate in our articles and reports.

Quality team: Our expert team comprises not just of experienced Indian freelance writers, but also competent professionals like techies, journalists, web research specialists and copy writers who bring in a unique perspective to the realm of content creation and curation. Such a cohesive team thrives in its ability to unite dedicatedly to accomplish a common purpose - customer satisfaction at each stage.
A team with such strong skills empowers us to acquire the art of intuitive anticipation that is to ascertain the actual needs of our clients (sometimes even before they realize it) and customize our deliverables accordingly.

Our Team

Jo Jeffries

Senior Copywriter and Editor

Jo Jeffris, a University Graduate, has been writing copies for a major good half of her life. Started as a proofreader, she is now spread out to almost all creative writing fields including web copy, press releases, blogs etc. Thanks to her remarkable style of writing and her over scrupulous attention to detail she manages to deliver top-notch content without compromising its creativity. Whilst Jo cites her preference as working on well-researched articles, her prowess in SEO optimized articles is also pristine and flawless, allowing her to deliver quality copies, whatever the subject.


Social Media Marketing Expert

An avid reader, who has perfected the social presence of many of her clients and keeps a keen interest in social media management, along with a go-getter attitude of an adventurer. She also keeps constant keeps tab on startups, sports and social media platforms.

Alicia Steve

Senior Website Content Writer

Alicia Steve, a Post Graduate in literature, has been writing copies for a major good half of her life. Started as a Website content writer, she is now spread out to almost all creative writing fields including web copy, press releases, scripts, Wikipedia pages etc. Thanks to her remarkable style of writing and her over scrupulous attention to detail she manages to deliver top-notch content without compromising its creativity and value. Whilst Alicia cites her preference as working on well-researched articles, her prowess in marketing copies is also pristine and flawless, allowing her to deliver quality copies, whatever the subject or brand.

Arpit Sinha

Co-founder and Editor

A passionate curator, creator, editor and manager of all kinds of written content with other accompanying nuances at Classy Writeups. He has a penchant for unique and result-driven content creation along with its marketing, management, and promotion. Also has considerable experience in writing and editing academic research work.

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